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10 Adorable Gameday Outfits at West Virginia University – Women’s Fashion

Football season is everyone’s favorite season at West Virginia University. For a girl, it means getting out your scissors and putting your crafting skills to work. Get inspired for tailgates with these perfect DIY outfits!

1. The lace-up V-neck.

The lace-up look is popular right now, but there are more variations that are even simpler. Keep the collar uncut above the V, cut slits through the chest, or just buy this one from Etsy.

2. Bleached and distressed.

Rule of thumb: use gloves. Bleach can make for a cute and edgy look, but it can also be messy and insanely damaging. Using a spray bottle or dropper is the most precise method you can use, but remember that anything grey colored will not bleach well.


3. Braided backs.

One of the easiest DIY options. Cut the back and sleeves off of the shirt, leaving a good sized strip in the middle. Cut the strip away from the collar and then into 3 separate pieces. Start a normal braid then sew or safety-pin it back onto the collar.

4. Halter tops are a go-to.

Good with a t-shirt and great with the warm weather. Cut the back completely off except for a little on the bottom to use as ties. Cutting the collar for ties is optional, it still works with the top intact. Super easy and it’s perfect with a pretty bralette!

5. For the lazy crafters, try slits.

Requires little-to-no skill and can be done in literally 5 minutes. Lay the shirt down flat, pinch a small amount of fabric, and cut off the top. Use any pattern or design you like, and feel free to get creative with it. Make the holes different sizes or use your fingers to give them a worn in look.

6. Cozy and convenient: flannels.

Perfect for when things get colder out but you don’t wanna ruin your outfit with a jacket. And whenever you’re tired of it you can just tie it around your waist.

7. Get retro with tie-dye.

While equally as dangerous as bleach, tie-dying is a lot more fun. Craft stores like Michael’s or AC Moore sell great tie-dye kits, and most of them include everything extra you need like gloves and rubber bands. This is definitely an outside activity, it will stain anything so be careful.

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8. Obviously, jerseys.

You can’t DIY on this one. Jerseys can be pricey, so a guy friend willing to loan you one is recommended.

9. When in doubt, accessorize.

If you’ve run out of ideas or you waited until the last minute, any gameday outfit can be completed with a school hat. Wearing a scarf for bows in your hair will also guarantee a great look, just remember to find something blue and gold!


10. A classic: the t-shirt dress.

The easiest tailgate option for warm weather. Get an extra-large gameday shirt, and cut off the sleeves. That’s it. Once you have the basic look down, feel free to get creative and add some variety to make it your own!

What are your favorite gameday outfits at West Virginia University? Comment below!

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