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10 Athletic Outfits Every Guy Needs – Men’s Fashion

Men’s athletic outfits have a wide variety in fit, size, and material. However, as a man it must be hard to come across the perfect fit and size for your body type. This can often times be intimidating when you don’t know where to begin when it comes to athletic wear, and we are here to help! Whether it be to impress that girl at the gym, or for your own fitness goals these are the 10 Athletic Outfits Every Guy Needs!

1) Joggers

Joggers are the perfect form of sweatpants, starting tight on the ankle and gradually getting loser as you head toward the hips, joggers look great on every body type! Plus, unlike large baggy sweatpants they won’t get in the way of your workout!

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2)  Spandex Everything

There’s nothing better then a man in tight clothes, I mean that’s why a majority of us girls watch baseball – the tight pants. So if you’re feeling confident in your figure, why not bring that tight look to the gym, you’ll be sure to get some eye candy!

You have to love spandex, makes for the best men's athletic outfits!

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3) Nike

I think it’s safe to say Nike has proven themselves as one of the leading go-to athletic brands. But when you see a man in Nike, there’s something about it that attracts the eye! There surely is a piece for you in Nike’s men’s athletic outfits collection!

Nike has the best men's athletic outfits!

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4) Cutoff’s

It’s needless to say that cutoff’s let your body do the talking, and most women love some strong arms. Cutoff’s are one of the easier athletic outfits because you can buy them, or make them yourself!

Cutoff's are easy, and make for great men's athletic outfits!

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5) Form Fitting

Not too tight, but not too loose, this style does wonders for every body type! Usually a snug fit around the arms and a looser fit around the abdomen, this look gives off a perfectly confident vibe.

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6) Sweatsuit

Nothing can go wrong with this classic look as it wears well on any body type! I think everyone can respect a guy who’s trying to sweat it out and burn those calories!

Sweatsuits are the best men's athletic outfits!

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7) Outdoorsy

An “outdoorsmen” dates back to our early ancestors, when men would protect women who were pregnant in the wild. Today that is obviously unneeded, but it’s still extremely hot to think of a guy who can take on nature, and dresses for it too! Anyone can pull off this look as you can throw on or take off as many layers as you’d like!

Outdoorsy men's athletic outfits are the best!

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8) Running Shorts

I wont lie, if you’re not a runner I’m not going to tell you that you can get away with this look. However, for those of you who are, these small shorts can look great on a strong runner’s legs!

Are you running today ? // running short // urban men // fitness // health…

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9) Basketball Shorts

If you’re not a runner, these are the shorts suited for you! Basketball shorts look great on every body type while allowing the flexibility and comfortably a man needs!

Basketball shorts are the best men's athletic outfits!

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10) Hats

I can’t place my finger on what it is, but a man in a fitted beanie is always an attractive look. These hats are perfect for the cold days you want to workout outside, or take the dog for a walk! The best part? Hat’s look great on everyone!

Hats make for great mens athletic outfits!

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What athletic outfits do you love? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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