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Until recently, the best-dressed male was a boring list, but menswear is not how it used to be. There is less black and white, suit and tie; and more sick bombers and dope prints. It, in my opinion, is just as intriguing as womenswear and there are several male celebrities I look just as forward to seeing on the carpet and street as I do to see the most fashionable woman. Here is a list of the best dressed male celebrities!

Harry Styles

During his 2018 year-long tour, Styles wore a different custom Gucci suit every single night. With no care in the world as to how many people critiqued his choices. He went from skinny jeans and a black t-shirt in One Direction to florals, velvet, and sequins in his solo tour.


In his everyday life, he varies from vintage-inspired looks with French accessories to vacation dad button-ups and wide flare pants. Sometimes even a combo of all the above and somehow it falls together wonderfully.

Chadwick Boseman

I like to express Chadwick’s style as “fresh.”Fresh in a haven’t seen this type of look in awhile way, fresh in a this is really freaking dope way, and fresh as in everything he wears is clean-cut and tailored stunningly. He never wears the simple suit or tux on the red carpet it’s always colorful, wild and specific to the event. Whether it be on the carpet or in the streets he has a unique and exciting way of putting a look together and it is always quite breathtaking.10 Best Dressed Male Celebrities

Liam Payne

Another One Direction boy whose style didn’t seem to break out until the five boys began their solo career. Prior to the band’s hiatus, Liam was the white tee or thermal with jeans guy and now if he is wearing a white tee it is not without a swaggy pant. He has mastered the art of making the casual luxury and funky prints look sophisticated.


Hugo Boss has taken notice as he is the new face of their brand. I commend him for how he always dresses upscale no matter the occasion, a term many male artists have erased from their vocabulary.


10 Best Dressed Male Celebrities

Pharrell Williams

I was not a fan of Pharrell’s style for awhile- I used to see it as “trying too hard.” But that’s far from the truth. He has created his own style and doesn’t give a care if others follow it. He’s just himself and his looks inspire others to be the same.


10 Best Dressed Male Celebrities

Michael B Jordan

He’s not one to dress in something shocking or questionable. His style is straightforward with something like a statement sweater or bomber, a clean-cut suit with an unexpected belt or detail (hence head to toe sequins at the met gala), or a classic overcoat. And he is often seen in plaid in his day-to-day looks. While his looks may not be stand out, he makes anything look so damn good that he time and time again makes  several best dressed list.10 Best Dressed Male Celebrities


Odell Beckham Jr.

One of the two athletes that have made my list. OBJ is bold and that’s basically all I gotta say about him. He doesn’t dress much like other athletes, his looks are loud and he wears them proudly!


10 Best Dressed Male Celebrities


Similar to OBJ, G-Eazy dresses colorfully and not really like anyone else in his field. He dresses joyfully to say the least! He does a good job of dressing appropriately to wherever he is.


Such as an all yellow pantsuit at a casino in Vegas or his recent green silk shorts set on a boat in Greece. I applaud him for knowing what to wear when it is an impossible task sometimes for those who may know style but don’t know fashion.


10 Best Dressed Male Celebrities


Jaime Foxx

Jaime Foxx does an incredible job of wearing trends right and with flavor. Several celebrities in his age group have given up, for lack of a better phrase, on keeping up with fashion and continue to wear the obvious suit to red carpets and a nice button-up and slacks to anything else. Jaime, on the other hand, has proven his evolving style while doing just the opposite of said others.


Like his Louis Vuitton leather jacket with an LV lining over a tee with metallic detailing or his leopard print colored top under an army green bomber, his fashion sense is crisp and anything but boring.


10 Best Dressed Male Celebrities

Karamo Brown

A newer face to the entertainment industry but probably one of my favorite styles to come out of the last couple of years. He is the epitome of combining both masculine and feminine attributes into one look and making it look effortless. He is also the king of bombers and always looks stylish!


10 Best Dressed Male Celebrities


D Angelo Russel

Whether it’s a denim jacket over sweats and Jordan’s, a Givenchy leather jacket over an Adidas tracksuit and combat boots, or a monochromatic white look including an off white striped pant and pearl white short-sleeved dress shirt. D’Angelo Russell is not one for an effortless look, his outfits are carefully put together and if you look too quick you’ll miss the small matching details. Like when he wore all black, but the red line down the side of his pants was an identical shade to his phone case that he just so happened to in obvious sight.


While this list was not in any order, D’Angelo Russel is my number one because of how he thoughtfully and tastefully cultivates his looks with a personal touch regardless of the fact that most of the time he’s only seen in his street-wear as he walks from the bus to the locker room.


10 Best Dressed Male Celebrities

Who are some of your favorite best-dressed male celebs? Who is your favorite from my top 10!? Comment below!

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