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10 Best Tattoo Designs for Men – Men’s Fashion

Tattoo designs are more than what most people believe them to be recognized as delinquent drawings. Tattoo designs add colorful flow and spiritual style to the body. When it comes to exemplifying stylistic tattoo designs, some of these men’s style tattoos stand out.

1. Black Widow 

Some people might not know it, but some tattoos go by specific names other than just by their generic look tattooed on someone’s body. Hand tattoos, also known as black widow tattoos are an artistic display of detailed tattoo work. What makes this design so stunning is that this artwork requires detailed precision on the hands which is one of the most difficult parts of the body to tattoo considering that it’s a very small and sensitive area.

2. Ankle designs

Getting tattoos may sound like an awesome experience at first, but this simple process can be very intimidating scenery not knowing how much pain you’ll be going through. If your new when it comes to the world of tattoos, it’s best that you start with something small like an ankle tattoo. I know a lot of people who primarily wear ankle tattoos are women because they love that little cute design, but this tattoo design is unisexual for men too. Ankle tattoos are pretty simple to get considering it’s not that big, plus if you are worried about a lot of people seeing your tattoo, that most likely won’t occur with an ankle tattoo because it is on the lower part of your body. 

The littlest tattoos are the most simplest

3. Sleeves

Sleeves are probably one of the most basic tattoo designs that most guys like to go for first. As men, we can not resist showing off our muscles, and with some stylish cultural tattoo designs like an artistic Japanese style Geisha, these tattoo designs are for you. 

Tattoos with a cultural feeling


Quote tattoos are still gaining attraction considering that men have an understandable attraction for the study of philosophy and we like the idea of how a single sentence or phrase can have the most powerful message from either their favorite author or actor. The most important things to understand in looking at quote tattoos are the meaning, size, location on the body, and font marks which all play key roles in describing the message. There is also something to take into consideration when getting a quote tattoo like the longer the quote, the more space and font is needed or else it will be too small to read. 

Tattoos with a written purpose have a lot of meaning

5. Lion 

If your looking for a tattoo that represents a man’s form of strength, power, and courage a lion tattoo is a terrific option. The lion is represented as the fiercest and strongest land predators in the world and serves as a symbolic reminder that you can live by your strength. Lion tattoos can also mix with other tattoo designs making it the perfect centerpiece for a collage whether if it’s on the arm, back, or chest. No matter what you choose to mix it with, show off your power with a lion tattoo! 

Tattoos with a powerful display

6. Religious 

Religious tattoos come in many different shapes, colors, and designs. Most popular religious tattoos include ideas from the crucifix cross, bible verses like Philippians 4:18, and phrases like ” Do not let your heart be troubles. Trust in God; trust also in me”. Normally, it’s not only the Christian religion that can be signified through tattoos. Other tattoos can represent while coming from a different culture like Buddhism, Norse mythology, and the Greek Gods. These are the perfect tattoos for a man to show that he has a strong spiritual devotion. 

Spiritual devotion represent the best tattoos

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7. Rose’s

Sure some people may also see rose tattoos as a feminine look, roses are added into many different tattoo designs for guys. Even though the tradition is very common for flower tattoos, artists know how to transition their traditional look into a mosaic art piece by giving it realistic 3D looks. The idea of a rose represents a form of rebirth, a new beginning, growth, potential, knowledge, peace, starting a new life, and acknowledging someone important. Some meanings of a rose can also depend on the color and other forms of its design. 

Rose's are not always feminine in tattoos

8. Tribal 

The origin of Tribal tattoos comes from both ancient history and culture. These tattoos represent what it means to have Samoan and pacific island descent. So when you see famous people such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jason Mamoa, and Roman Reigns show off these detailed tattoo designs, it is not just for show. When really, it’s to display their acknowledgment for their cultural heritage. The Tribal tattoo symbol represents the meaning of family, strength, power, and courage while portraying big bolded and beautiful designs. If you are looking for an exquisite and stunning tattoo while acknowledging your Samoan heritage, get some tribal designs. 

Tattoos that have a cultural heritage meaning

9. Skulls

Skulls are by far one of the most kickass tattoo designs. A lot of well-known artists have revamped the skull tattoo design in multiple different detailed ways. For example, if there is a specific small drawing on your hand and leg or a 3D display on your chest, back, and shoulders, there are limitless possibilities. Even though the idea of the skull represents death, that is not always true. through the eyes of most men, we see skulls symbolizing power, passion, attitude, strength, immortality, and being a rebel.Tattoos that represent a dark meaningful message

10. The Dragon

The dragon tattoo is said to be the most powerful mythological creature. Dragons symbolize strength, power, will, intelligence, wisdom, and courage. There are three different types of dragons specifically and each one of them each carries their meaning depending on its style. Dragons with long horns are said to be the strongest, celestial dragons are our spiritual protectors who are always watching over us, and earth dragons reign over us. Since dragons have long bodies, this tattoo design is perfect for a full sleeve tattoo that comes from your shoulder down to your wrist.  

Tattoos represent a form of artistic self-expression that carries a deep message through its use of symbolism. If any other tattoo designs look amazing, let me know in the comments! 

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