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10 Dashing Looks In Wearing Flower Top This Spring

Many people think of floral as a feminine print but that’s not how it is. The fresh print looks great on men as well. So don’t be afraid to try something new this spring and start wearing the floral pattern top. Quick tip: Try to keep your outfit balanced by wearing other items that aren’t too busy. Step out of your comfort zone and infuse a bit of pop in your wardrobe by trying out the floral pattern.

Button Up Shirt

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When wearing a floral print keep the rest of the look toned down. Don’t opt for another striking print. That would be overdoing the look. You can wear your button up floral shirt with jeans or shorts to exhibits your confidence.

Tee Shirt

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Floral tees look perfect casually especially if combined with shorts and sneakers. Choose one that suits you and breeze through the day.

Long Sleeves

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Long-sleeved shirts made from floral cufflinks look classy with slim jeans or chinos. Choose a matching pants color with your shirt so as not to overdo it.

With Leather Jacket

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The thing about leather is that it makes everything better. A leather jacket would enhance the overall look to reach the ideal balance. The fresh vibe of the flowery print with the powerful one of leather would make for an masculine yet fun look.

With Suits

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For a change, add a floral print to your suit. The look is unique and sharp. Button up for a trendy formal look and let it loose for a more relaxed look.

Jogger Pants

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Jogger pants and flower shirt for a unique yet charming look. Roll up the sleeve to give a seductive bad boy effect.


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Floral printed shirts look best with dark jeans, it gives a stronger look. If you want to look casual, wear a brightly colored shirt as an outer on your white tee.

Little Accent

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If you do not want to be too bloom, this tee with flower accent can be an option. It’s can still make you look trendy with flowers without losing your confidence.

With Denim Jacket

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If you fear you can’t do justice to the floral shirt but you want to really try it then wear a denim jacket over the floral printed shirt to reduce the prominence of the floral print.

Baseball Jersey

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Jersey is the best thing that can be worn to combine spring and baseball. You can wear denim pants for casual look or jogger for a more sporty look.

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