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10 Men’s Shoes That Are Trending For Fall – Men’s Fashion

In the world of men’s shoes, there is only one important thing to know. And if you don’t know, you must right now. A girl always looks at your shoes. Like always. Sometimes she’ll even look at your shoes before your butt. A woman will be very impressed if you show that you tried before you stepped out of your closet. Here are ten men’s shoes to either stock-up on, or save-up for come Fall.

1. Grand.Os Technology by Cole Haan

The only thing my girlfriend is competing with, as far as other loves in my life are concerned, are shoes made with Cole Haan Grand.Os technology. This type of sole is comparable to the Nike Free technology we still love today, placed on a formal, can-take-to-work, type shoe. For Fall, I recommend the GrandPro Chukka boot, now on markdown for $100. For other deals on Grand.Os technology shoes, visit

2. Nixie by Camper

Tired of buying shoes that look good only for three weeks? Camper is a reliable brand whose material and simple design will help your confidence on first dates and group outings. Trust the clean, dark blue leather and a crisp white sole to flex on their own when you’re out. They will pair very well with many colors of pant. Don’t worry about the comfort or quality of Nixie’s material, as Camper’s reputation is founded on both, including lightweight technology.

10 Men's Shoes That Are Trending For Fall

3. EQT Support 93/17 GTX by Adidas

Show your youth and freedom from formal attire by wearing this pair of Adidas that will keep your feet dry on wet days. If you’re not familiar with Gore-Tex, it is the only time-tested waterproof lining for footwear on the market. In the Fall, we get those annoying early rains and stubborn puddles when it is still shorts weather. Battle that with the EQT Support 93/17 GTX by Adidas.

10 Men's Shoes That Are Trending For Fall

4. Men’s Tree Toppers by Allbirds

When you place your shoes next to sheep on billboards, you tend to have people buy your product. Allbirds has made an impressive rise in popularity due to their comfort.  I commute into Chicago every morning, and the amount of young professionals I see with Allbirds on is innumerable. My pick from Allbirds is the Tree Topper Boot, available in eight colors. To stay formal, go with with the brown pair that also has the brown, and not white, sole.

10 Men's Shoes That Are Trending For Fall

5. Mil by Camper

You will be able to feel the long lasting, quality leather that you paid for when the Mil are on your feet. There will be a sharpness to your look in the bar or in the office with the clean black shoe look, and the glint of shine that the leather on the Mil will give off: not too little, not too much.

10 Men's Shoes That Are Trending For Fall

6. Men’s Striper II LLT Leather by Sperry

What stands out for this shoe is that it is a comfortable sneaker with your Grandfather’s cigar-smoking armchair quality leather atop it. This is by far one of my favorites from Sperry. They’re on sale right now for $35.

10 Men's Shoes That Are Trending For Fall

7. Men’s Gold Cup Richfield LTT Sneaker by Sperry

This is the white shoe you have been looking for, college and post-grad kids alike. This is the first you will have that will not get dirty as easily as your white canvas shoes. What’s cool about this pair is that it lacks the common blue “Sperry” patch. While we love our Sperry’s, we don’t want to let everyone know that we live and breathe by one brand. This shoe fools them 😉 .

10 Men's Shoes That Are Trending For Fall

8. The Chukka Boot by Kenneth Cole

The Chukka Boot is half the price of a Clark’s desert boot: a common choice. Also, if you are a size 7 through 8, Kenneth Cole is having an amazing sale on these leather Chukka Boots for $100 off! Deals, deals, deal$! Crazy right?

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10 Men's Shoes That Are Trending For Fall

9. Zac Chelsea Boot by Kenneth Cole

I included this Kenneth Cole Zac Chelsea Boot because it is very hard to find a good looking leather Chelsea boot for under $100, let alone $75 (ikr). Just picture your clean look with no laces, at the bottom of your pants. These kicks will ease you into the winter very well as the snow begins to fall and your clothing becomes warmer.

10 Men's Shoes That Are Trending For Fall

10. Winged Tip Shoe

This is another Grand.Os shoe from Cole Haan. The winged tip shoe provides that age-old layered and patterned stitching that are still complimentary for interns and executives.

10 Men's Shoes That Are Trending For Fall

11. Zero Grand Motion Knit Oxford by Cole Haan

I couldn’t resist. Here’s one more. This pair has your impressive Cole Haan leather aside an athletic sneaker. No one expects you to be hurdling over trash cans in the office, but they will be jealous that you found a formal shoe that makes your feet happy too.

10 Men's Shoes That Are Trending For Fall

How’d we do? Will you buy any of these shoes? Stay up to date with our picks.

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