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Finding Shoes are hard! You can find the best ones last year and go to buy the same ones again and they’re not there! But some shoes never go out of style! Here are some shoes you’ll want to check out!

1. Crocs

The first pairs of shoes any college students are crocs! These great shoes are great for leisure wear or can be worn for everyday walking from class to class. They have so many colors that you can have many pairs and can match any outfit! Having the reversible strap makes sliding on are walking far no hassle at all! Crocs are a great option if you want a little something different in your life!

You can find Crocs here or at most sporting stores!

2. Sandals 

You can’t go wrong with any type of sandals. From fancy to every day use, you’ll have shoes for any event! If you feel like jeans and a T-shirt, regular comfy sandals are a great choice. Memory foam sandals are great for students who want to wear something easy, but want to be comfy too!

If you are looking for a fancier sandal, black is a great color with a nice metal loop to adjust the size on the side! You’ll always be ready for special occasion. You can by these at any shoe department store or click here! 

Since there are so many sandals, it’s hard to pick through what sandals what look good with your outfits. If you are looking for a night look with cute jeans and fancy shirt, a sandal that wraps around the big toe and has a little height to it would look really good! 

*10 Shoes For College You Need To Be Wearing

3. Gym sneakers

Whatever you do, go to the gym! Having designated gym shoes are key to having a great experience. You don’t want to wear sneakers you wear everyday, at the gym. They will wear faster, and lets all be honest, they don’t come cheap!

The best part of gym sneaker is that you’ll always have a nice pair of shoes! For most people they are the sneakers that are really nice to look at and make you want to work out. Nike has some really nice sneakers that are great for workouts and training! Click here to see the Nike pick!

*10 Shoes For College You Need To Be Wearing

4. Walking sneakers 

Depending on where you go to school, walking will be one thing you do most often! You’ll want to wear shoes that feel nice when you buy them because you won’t want to spend time breaking them in. You don’t want shoes to feel awful for 4 months while your trying to break them in and then you don’t really wear them because they don’t feel right! The bottom line for shoes that you are going to wear almost all the time is making sure you are not settling for shoes that might not fit the right way they should! Click here for some great walking shoes!

*10 Shoes For College You Need To Be Wearing

5. Dress Shoes 

Boots are a safe option if you don’t know what to wear with a fall dressy outfit. They give you a chance to dress up your outfit a little without being too out there. Brown or black boots can make any outfit look dressier than it was without them! With boots, you don’t want to wear them very often, unless you have a lot of pairs, but having a pair that look good with almost everything is great for college students who don’t have a lot of room for shoes or the money! Click here to see boots that can do with anything!

*10 Shoes For College You Need To Be Wearing

6. Heels

For all of the lucky people who can wear heels without wanting to cut your feet off an hour after putting them on, heels can be a great option if you want to mix it up a bit! You won’t want to wear heels all of the time, but they are nice when you have to go senior formal or a work event. Depending on who great you are with heels, you can have a big heel or a small heel, but you don’t want to get too high! It can be disastrous if you were to fall face first because you tripped on your big heels. Click here to find the perfect heel for you!

*10 Shoes For College You Need To Be Wearing

See Also

7. Black Shoes

Black shoes are great for when you don’t want to wear colorful shoes or don’t have shoes that will go with an outfit you really want to wear! They make any outfit look on point! But you want to make sure that they’re comfy, just like any shoe! Here are great black shoes, click here!

*10 Shoes For College You Need To Be Wearing

8. Slippers

If you don’t have slippers, you need to get them ASAP! Not only are they great for just relaxing, but they are great for when you don’t want to put on real shoes to walk to class! Slippers are perfect for multipurpose, but you don’t want to pay $50 for slippers you might walk to class in! Click here to see some cheap slippers are super comfy!

*10 Shoes For College You Need To Be Wearing

9. Flip-Flops

If you are looking for the feeling of slippers but don’t want the fuzziness of them, flip-flops are great! They are easy to slip on and off, plus you can wear them anywhere and be comfy! There are so many types of flip-flops, but the best ones have memory foam so your feet don’t have to be flat and hurt as much! Click here to see some great Under Amour flip flops that are super comfy!

*10 Shoes For College You Need To Be Wearing

10. Winter boots 

Depending on where you go to school, you may or may not need winter boots. If you do need them, Ugg’s are great and can last many years if taken care of properly! You could get fancy winter boots; you can look into North Face or if you want regular boots; you can look into any shoe store. There are so many types of boots you can get depending on where you are. Like if you know you’ll have more than 2 feet of snow or if you only have 6 inches. But if you want boots that will keep your toes warm, Ugg’s are great for something like that! Click here to find Ugg boots that fit your style!

*10 Shoes For College You Need To Be Wearing

Do you have any of these shoes? Do you want to get any of them? Do you have more shoe ideas? Tell us in the comments below!


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