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Piercings are an adorable way to customize your body. But there are so many to choose from. And, once you decide on some you like, there are endless combinations. On top of that, there are thousands of earrings to choose from. Sifting through all of these decisions can be exhausting, and you might wind up with something totally boring. So, to help you out on your journey in choosing a unique piercing, we’ve gathered 10 completely cute piercings to try. It only hurts for a second, we promise.

1. A Conch Piercing

Those two gold rings in the middle are pierced through the conch, which is the thickest part of your ear; it’s essentially like punching a hole straight through your ear. Sounds painful, right? But just look at how cute those two gold rings are! They cuff the ear so perfectly and make the most adorable accessory!

2. The Forward Helix

Your forward helix is one of the most delicate places you can pierce your ear; that’s what this piercing is! This woman has three on her forward helix, which is typically the max that one person does there, you know, for aesthetics sake. Biggest to smallest, smallest to biggest… whichever way you go, you’ll love this new addition to your ear!

Check out this unique piercing we love!

3. A Daith Piercing

That little ridge in your ear is known as your daith (pronounced day-th). People most commonly wear it with a ring or a half ring, but this woman wears it with a heart! So, so adorable! If you want to get a unique piercing but can’t think of somewhere new to place it, think of a new shape to put in!

Check out this unique piercing we love!

The heart is cute, but what about this crescent moon? So cute, so unique… just like you!

Check out this unique piercing we love!

4. In The Cartilage

Cartilage piercings are probably the most common piercing, after lobe piercings of course. At the top of your ear, the cartilage has the largest surface for you to be the most creative! Three in a row, largest to smallest, shapes, some people even do constellations! This triangle is a unique statement piece that will capture everyone’s attention!

Check out this unique piercing we love!

5. An Anti-Tragus

Lobe piercings might be the most popular, but have you heard of the anti-tragus? The position is right off the lobe, but it is so unique! Tragus piercings are getting more and more popular, but this very unique piercing is the perfect way to stand out!

Check out this unique piercing we love!

6. A Rook Piercing

One of the piercings that I’ve always wanted to get is my rook, which is the very top piercing in this photo. It’s in such a different position, and you can put so many different pieces of jewelry there!

Check out this unique piercing we love!

7. Forward Helix

This forward helix piercing is closer set than the first, but the contrast is amazing on this piercing! Big and small, silver and gold = gorgeous!

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8. Combo Moves: Daith, Helix & Lobe

This daith/helix combo is so… I don’t know, fierce! Spikes coming out of your ears? Yes please! It’s hard to get a more unique piercing than a combination of two.

Check out this unique piercing we love!

9. Combo Moves: Rook, Helix, Conch & Lobe

This girl combines a few of my favorites: rook, helix, conch, and lobe piercings! Symmetry is great for faces, but branch out for your ears! They deserve to be unique!

Check out this unique piercing we love!

What’s your favorite unique piercing? Did we miss one? Share it in the comments below!

10 Unique Piercings That Are Actually Cute AF


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