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10 Ways To Rock Men’s Style This Year – Men’s Fashion

When you walk about, you see everyone flaunting their fashion sense. Women wearing their dresses and high heels. Guys wearing Nike and Under Armour apparel. It’s time to step up the men’s look in 2019. The time to be you is now and this year we have some great pointers on what to wear. Fall is here and Spring is only a couple of months away. From watches, shirts, jackets, and shoes. From staying warm to staying cool, here we have the latest trends for 2019 men’s fashion.

It was only until I got into high school when I realized how important fashion is. Believe it or not, your exterior makes impressions upon people. Specifically, your shoes are typically the first thing people notice about you. Fashion gives us all a chance to express ourselves. Hopefully, these tips will help give some variety to your closets. These top 10 fashion choices prove that men can dress it up just as good as women can.

Some of these looks I have not worn myself, but I’m rethinking that. All of the products come from well-known websites with reasonable prices. Most of these looks are casual.

1. Jean Jacket

It’s no surprise that this one is number one. Whenever Fall comes around, I break out the jean jacket that has been waiting patiently in my closet. Whether it’s dark blue or light blue, you dress up the look however you want. Although most of them come with buttons, I recommend going without the buttoned-up version.

Some come with the hood and those are always nice on those rainy days. I usually pair mine with some dark skinny jeans or chinos. No matter the situation, they keep the wearer warm and they look good while doing it.

For those who have seen it, Love, Simon really defined the jean jacket. Nick Robinson’s character is commonly seen wearing something of this nature in almost every scene of the movie. This is one of those things where it’s a sense of nostalgia. They’re casual and cozy at the same time. They also show a sense of men’s style that you may or may not have.

For the Fall, you don’t have to go so heavy while wearing this. Pairing the jean jacket with a t-shirt and jeans is simple enough. However, in the Winter, you might want to rethink it. Wear a nice sweater while wearing a jean jacket.

Copy this look:Men's Fleece Lined Winter Warm Coat Denim/Jean Fur Jacket Trucker Collar

2. Flannels

When it’s too warm for a winter jacket, it’s time to get out the flannel. I’ve always considered these to be a nice medium between jacket and coat. You can find them in all sorts of colors and they match almost any outfit. Pair a flannel with some nice jeans. Sporting this yellow will brighten up those gray days of Fall and your style.

I have so many flannels in my closet. This is just a personal tip, but I advise getting different colors. This way, you’ll be able to have something to wear for any outfit. This yellow for example, I would say to wear this around Fall and less in the Winter. Wear darker-colored clothes during the Winter. Burgundy and brown are nice flannel colors to wear in the Winter considering men’s style.

Man Wearing Yellow Flannel Shirt

Copy this look:

Yellow Cotton Flannel Shirt

3. Vanguard Boots

Wearing sneakers all year round is boring. Up your shoe game with these brown Vanguard boots. The brown compliments any Fall outfit and also makes a nice Fall color. My favorite YouTuber was seen wearing these in a video and I instantly fell in love. They give the wearer a professional feel, in my opinion. For those of us who face harsh winters, these shoes combat that nicely. I think these define men’s style in a different way than past generations.

Brown Leather Vanguards

Copy this look:

Brown Leather Vanguards

4. Wool Cashmere Scarf

Stay warm this Winter with a nice wool cashmere scarf. They compliment any warm outfit. Look stylish while also keeping your neck warm. Since I’m a college student myself, I commonly wear these during the Winter. That cold wind is brutal and this serves as my line of defense. Wearing these during the Fall is more of a fashion statement.

Man Wearing Black Scarf

Copy this look:

Black Scarf

5. Beanies by Carhartt

Beanies are my favorite part of Fall. These can be worn in both Fall and Winter. They cover up those bad hair days which is an added bonus. Listen to your mom when she tells you to wear these. They capture the essence of men’s style, but also any other style of choice. They keep your ears warm and are a must for college students. Man Wearing Beanie

Copy this look:

Carhartt WIP Chase Beanie

6. Ripped Jean Shorts

We get it. ‘Jorts’ are a thing of the past. Break out of the cargo mold and add some flair to your Summer men’s style. These ripped jean shorts will surely draw the eyes. These can only be worn with certain outfits however. I would recommend only wearing these with a casual Summer look.

Man Wearing Ripped Jean Shorts

Copy this look:

Destroyed Regular Fit Denim Shorts in Happy Place

7. Havana Haze Shirt

These shirts go back to a classic 70s vibe. The colors are vibrant, so they will match any Summer outfit. If you’re not feeling these colors, I’m sure they come in other colors as well. Pairing these with some simple pants would look great. Don’t miss out on this one.

See Also

Man Wearing Havana Haze Shirt

Copy this look:

SUPER MASSIVE Havana Haze Shirt

8. Reveler Sunglasses by MVMT

Whether it’s Winter or Summer, you’ll always need a pair of sunglasses. Why not get some that look the part? They come in many different colors for all times of the year. Avoid the sun’s gaze as you walk, drive and shop.

Man Wearing Reveler Sunglasses

Copy this look:

Reveler Tortoise Sunglasses

9. Voyager Monochrome Mesh Watch by MVMT

Keep track of time in style with this one of a kind watch. The watch features a sleek gray look with 2 subdials. This watch strays away from the classic leather which I appreciate. The gray goes with any outfit of men’s style.

Voyager Monochrome Mesh Watch

Copy this look:

Voyager Monochrome Mesh Watch by MVMT

10. Bugatchi Button-Up Shirt

Just as a simple part of your Summer wardrobe, try this simple button-up shirt by Bugatchi. Going out with friends? Going shopping? Anything, this shirt works. It’s simple, breathable and captures that Summer feel.

Man Wearing Bugatchi Button-Up Shirt

Copy this look:

Bugatchi Button-Up Shirt

What do you think are some ways to rock men’s style? Tell us in the comments!

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