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15 Perfect Festival Flower Crown Looks – Women’s Fashion

It’s spring again, which means shorts, happiness and nice weather. It also means another thing: flower crowns. For those of you who want to embrace the changing of the seasons to the greatest extent to the point where you wear flowers on your head, you are the greatest kinds of people. Flower crowns are such a whimsical accessory, and with the Coachella and festival fashion movement, they’re a huge trend. Flower crowns also don’t have to be a music festival must have, they can even be worn to places like school depending on how you style them! They can also be added to outfits to make them that much more trendy. By adding a simple flower crown to a little black dress and gladiator combo, you have instantly improved the look! So for a little flower crown #inspo, below are 15 perfect festival flower crown looks!

1.) Full Flower Crown

If you want to make a statement, then this is the way to go. Full flower crowns, although they can be hard to wear because they are so big, are so beautiful. If you are to go with this look, I would highly recommend going a little tamer on the outfit; pairing it with a simple white crop top and a full maxi dress in a coordinating color with the crown would be so perfect. You can also really turn things around and wear a simple t-shirt, high waist flare jeans, a simple tie choker, and top it off with a crown. When your flower crown is that big and full, it helps to not have competing pieces; let the crown speak for itself.

This flower crown look is so gorgeous!

2.)  String Or Tie Flower Crown

This style is so easy to throw on and stay on all day long. You can easily tie it around your head and let the strings hang in your hair, creating even more of a festival element. You can find a lot of cute, inexpensive companies on Etsy who create these kinds of crowns.

This flower crown look is so gorgeous!

This flower crown look is so gorgeous!

3.) Thin Elastic Flower Crown

This is by far the cheapest and easiest flower crown to find in any store. They are simple, which makes them ideal for pairing with more casual outfits.

This flower crown look is so gorgeous!

4.) Red Flower Crown With All White Outfit

Red and white are effortless and foolproof when you just have nothing else to wear. You can be wearing very simple pieces but pairing red and white together, especially when working with flower crowns, is such a beautiful way to go.

This flower crown look is so gorgeous!

5.) Leaf Flower Crown

If you really want to be different and think outside the box, then this is the way to go for you. By just having leaves in your crown and no flowers, it adds a Grecian vibe to the look and will definitely help you stand out. Depending on how you style it, having a leaf crown can be just as beautiful as having a flower crown.

This flower crown look is so gorgeous!

This flower crown look is so gorgeous!

6.) Matching Flower Crown To Hair Color

We always think to match our accessories to our outfit, but wheat if we changed those rules? What if instead, we matched it to something else? Like our hair color! When I saw Perrie Edwards of the band Little Mix wear this look at the 2013 Brit Awards, I was shook but in the best way possible. It is a totally unexpected move and will definitely earn you some compliments.

This flower crown look is so gorgeous!

7.) Red Flower Crown With All Black Outfit

If you are not in the mood to wear white, then an all-black outfit paired with a red flower crown is also a nice alternative. Black is such a basic but sexy color, and the added pop of red only adds to the overall look.

This flower crown look is so gorgeous! 

8.) Flower Crown And Hair Bun

This style can be worn for casual settings or even formal settings. I have seen a lot of wedding hairstyles incorporating low elegant buns with flower crowns and it is such a beautiful pairing. It can also get the hair off your neck so you stay cooler as you walk around Coachella all day long (ha I wish.)

This flower crown look is so gorgeous!

This flower crown look is so gorgeous!

9.) Flower Crown And Milkmaid Braid

Like the bun pairing, this is also another look that can be worn to festival and weddings alike. Although milkmaid braids can be a little harder to get down (don’t feel bad, I have been practicing for four years and they still look bad) they’re such a flattering and feminine hairstyle. You can wear your crown behind the braid, or you can even weave flowers into the braid and make your crown that way.

This flower crown look is so gorgeous!

10.) Flower Crown With Spikes

For the edgier people out there, don’t worry, I have not forgotten you! Flower crowns do not have to just be flowers and pink and pretty objects to wear to festivals. By having a crown with spikes or darker colors, you can easily incorporate the flower crown style into your everyday outfits.

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This flower crown look is so gorgeous!

11.) Daisy Crown

If you are completely stumped as to what kind of flower to wear, I recommend to always go with daisies. They are universally beautiful and can go with any outfit. Remember when you used to make daisy chain headbands as a kid? Well, here is a grownup version of that exact look.

This flower crown look is so gorgeous!

12.)  Mixing Floral With Grunge

Ever try mixing in a flower crown with a plaid shirt, fishnet tights and platform black booties? Because you should! Grunge and flower crown are on complete opposite ends of the fashion spectrum, but in my opinion they are an unexpected match in heaven.

This flower crown look is so gorgeous!

13.) Floral Cat Ears Headband

If you don’t want to go full garden on your head, the cat ear approach works just as well. We have seen this look be worn by stars like Ariana Grande and even YouTube stars like Nikkietutorials. The cat ears add a flirty, cute element to your look and they come in a variety of style and ear sizes, depending on your mood.

These flower crowns are so cute!

14.) Flower Crown Graduation Cap

Graduation cap decorating is such a fun end-of-the-school-year activity. It helps you stand out from your class and can give you that extra confidence when you get your diploma. Adding a flower crown to the base of your cap can be such a beautiful touch and it is something you can look back on in pictures. You can even color coordinate the flower colors with the colors of your graduation robe.

This flower crown graduation cap is so gorgeous!

15.) Light Up Flower Crown

Music festivals are usually late-night events, so why not transition your flower crown to nighttime too? You can easily braid in thin fairy lights into your crown, or buy one that already has lights. You will be the life of the party when your flower crown lights up the night.

These light up flower crowns are so cute!

Do you have any more cute ideas for flower crown looks? Let us know in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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