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15 Things To Give To A Man For His Wardrobe – Men’s Fashion

So maybe you have a father, husband, or boyfriend who needs a little something to add to his style. Finding things for men could be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 15 things to give to a man for his wardrobe so you don’t have to worry about it.

1. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are the simplest things that any man needs because more often or not they will wear a long sleeve button down at some point. There are also so many options to choose from when it comes to cufflinks. You could get them engraved or have them in the shape of his pet or favorite animal. This is also a great idea for someone whose more sophisticated or wears more business attire than casual clothing.

2. BowTies

There’s something so sophisticated about a man wearing a bowtie. Bonus points if he’s able to tie the bowtie himself. This is great for those who have business meetings, works in an office, or goes to black-tie events. These also go great with the cufflinks as well. You can get a nice assortment of bowties that fit the man’s style and color.

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3. Chinos

These business casual pair pants are perfect for when he goes to a formal dinner or heads to the boat for a day out. Getting a pair of chinos that taper at the ankle is great for the men who wear boat shoes or loafers. Chinos are a classic more preppy style but could be paired with an oversized tee from Tillys if he prefers a relaxed look. Chinos come in different styles and colors so there’s a nice variety to chose from. J. Crew offers a popular variety of chinos ranging around $80 to $100 dollars. This is a great idea if your budget isn’t too small if not the bowtie and cufflink combo might be more affordable.

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4. Half-Zip Sweater

A half-zip sweater is great for those who live in colder climates or when you’re nearing the colder seasons or even going on vacation somewhere during the winter. Half-Zip sweaters are the perfect comfy relaxed piece to wear at airports or during a chilly night. Everyone has or needs at least one jacket or sweater that’s why half-zips are a great idea. You could purchase them from a favorite brand that the man really enjoys like J.Crew or L.L. Bean. These are nice to layer over a thin shirt or another polo. Seeing a collared shirt underneath popping out at the collars and sleeves is also a great way to style these.

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5. Boat Shoes

Ah, the beloved boat shoes. Is there anything more comfortable than boat shoes? I doubt it. If you’re purchasing boat shoes for your significant other you can purchase ones that look like you so you two could match. Although boat shoes have great soles for traction on a slippery deck they’re great to wear overall. Although boat shoes are traditionally worn without socks they look quite nice with pastel-colored or nice patterned socks as well. Thick thermal socks would go great if you plan on taking off your boat shoes but they like don’t like being barefoot.

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6. Nice Socks

I can’t even count the times I’ve seen a man wear plain white or black socks. When you choose a more traditional outfit why not finish it off with some colorful cool patterned socks? I’ve seen men’s sushi printed socks, monogrammed socks, seasonally themed socks. They’re a nice little touch so you and the person wearing them know that they have a little touch of style in there. Yacht socks are also a great item to pair with boat shoes or for those who love the water.

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7. Collegiate Wear

This is a great idea to add to a man’s wardrobe. If he’s going to college, an alumn or currently attending. This could really hype them up for game days, show off their school spirit, wear their shirts at college day in school or this could even make them remember the good times from when they were in college. Overall collegiate wear is a great item to show off some of their spirit that they have. Everyone should have at least one item that shows off their college spirit.

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8. Henley

Henley’s are collarless pullovers with around 2 to 5 buttons. I feel as if most men don’t even know that these types of shirts are called henleys. If you didn’t know also well now you know. Henley’s are a nice basic staple to add to your wardrobe. You could purchase thin, thermal, etc. Henley’s work with jeans, joggers, chinos, board shorts, etc. The good thing about henleys that they’re casual wear but could be dressed up as well. They’re also a great top to wear if they’re more outdoorsy and don’t have to worry about getting their shirt dirty or wrinkled.

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9. Brown Belt

Belts could pull together any outfit and every one no matter man or woman needs a good belt. It’s something that you don’t think to purchase until you realize you need one. It’s better to have one on hand so that way when you realize you need one it’s already there. These are also great if he’s wearing flannel or loves tucking in his shirt.

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10. Baseball Cap

Accessories. Just because he’s a man doesn’t mean he can’t accessorize. A baseball cap or dad hate is a great accessory for those in sunny weather and would like to shade the sun away from their eyes or just to add a final touch to their outfits. This is great for the outdoorsy type and is a more affordable gift option.

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11. Tie Clip

Tie clips are so simple but are quite eye catching. They’re something that you probably don’t think of getting but it’s a small add on that could really make the outfit pop. It’s also a great add on to a plain tie. Tie clips were once used to make the tie stay in place and not move around however now they’re probably used more for the aesthetics, not that I can blame them. Tie clips are a cute, eye-catching small gift to give to someone to really add on to their wardrobe. This could also give the appearance of them being more stylish than they already are.

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12. Suspenders

This classic style is perfect for those who love a formal put-together look. For those who constantly wear ties and button downs suspenders work as a great gift to add on to their wardrobe staples. These are a classic look usually worn on older gentlemen but could be worn by anyone who has a more sophisticated look.

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13. Jean Jacket

This is a nice street style item for those who are more simple and edgier. A good jean jacket should be in everyone’s wardrobe and works great for those who choose to wear the more basic everyday wear and still be a bit stylish with less effort.

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14. Chino Shorts

Chino Shorts are perfect for those warmer weather activities and days. Much like the regular pair of chino pants, these are a classic that every man should have at least one pair in their wardrobe. These go great with a long-sleeved graphic.

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15. Blazers

This is one of my favorite fashion style items ever. There’s an elegance that comes with a blazer especially if it’s monogrammed or has an eblem sewed onto it. Blazers work great for when someone is meeting the parents, is going to a business meeting or an upscale night out. Blazers elevate the look if you’re trying to seem more together even when your outfit is leaning on the almost casual side. Blazers add that final touch.

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What would you get your man for his wardrobe? Tell us in the comments!

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