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16 Cool Beach Essentials You Never Knew You Needed

The beach is the best. It’s relaxing, calming, soothing, and incredibly fun. Whether you’re there with lots of friends or just by yourself to read a book, there are always new products that can improve your experience. There is no better website than Amazon to spend all of your hard earned money on cool junk that you will lose by next summer. Just kidding! This stuff is so useful you’ll have it for years to come. Here are 16 cool beach essentials that you never knew you needed from Amazon.

I love being super active when I’m at the beach, but I get such bad anxiety over my valuables being ruined. I have a Lifeproof case, but I hate using it all the time. These pouches are perfect for your phone, keys, wallet, or any jewelry that you want to be secure from water and sand.

What’s more efficient than having a bag/cooler combination? This bag is perfect if you’re spending the day at the beach with friends and want a bag that will also hold your spiked seltzers. It is also lightweight, which is important if you don’t have a boy to wait on you hand and foot carry your bag and beach chair for you.

Check out these beach essentials!

I hate enjoying a drink on the beach when it becomes boiling after just ten minutes. It comes in a lot of cool colors, and the brand doesn’t only make pint glasses but also makes wine glasses, mixer cups, coffee flasks, etc that are all insulated.

This is a must-have for cute Instagram pictures.

Check out these beach essentials!

What is a trip to the beach without speakers? These speakers are waterproof, have Bluetooth, and long battery life which is especially important at the beach.

I love lawn games so I always want to bring KanJam, Spikeball, Cornhole, etc to the beach. Why not add giant pong to that list of games.

Check out these beach essentials!

Bigger equals better and I love flip cup so I would definitely get this.

If supersized games are not your thing and you’d rather play an aquatic sport (lol) then you have to get this inflatable pong table with a cooler.

Check out these beach essentials!

Cornhole specifically for the beach! This is great because is easier to transport than Cornhole.

Check out these beach essentials!

Sea salt spray is great for the beach when it comes to adding texture to your hair and preventing it from drying out after you get your hair wet. If you want effortless beach waves, definitely check this product out.

Whether it’s the fourth of July or you’re just feeling especially patriotic, this game is perfect for day and night at the beach. It lights up at night which is just the coolest thing ever tbh.

Check out these beach essentials!

I definitely do not like putting my coffee/water/beer in the sand at the beach since the sand sticks to it and creates a mess. These coasters are colorful, fun, and cute!

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Check out these beach essentials!

This kimono comes in lots of colors and is really versatile and lightweight for beach essentials.

If you want natural looking highlights without paying salon prices look no further! It smells fantastic and actually works.

Check out these beach essentials!

This table is compact and convenient for food, drinks, your phone, a book, speakers, you name it.

Definitely, a must have if you’re tired of the same old same old beer when you are at the beach with friends.

Yet another really cute and affordable beach cover-up. Gtg…ordering this right now for beach essentials.

Check out these beach essentials!

Which of these beach essentials are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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