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1920’s Men’s Fashion Ideas That Are Back For This Year – Men’s Fashion

One years has brought the world a long way in many things, and fashion is no exception.  Men’s fashion has come so far, but fashion is cyclical, and many of the clothing that made the 1920’s so iconic has resurfaced and is once again trendy with those experimenting with modern fashion.  These are just a few of the important 1920’s men’s fashion that is making a resurgence nowadays, so any guy looking to stay up to date with the modern fashion trends should pay close attention to this list.  Some fashions are just too important to ever fade, and these men’s fashion ideas certainly capture that spirit.  They were a generation that really knew who to dress with flair!

1) Suspenders

Suspenders might bring to mind the image of overalls, with their thick suspenders, but 20’s suspenders were nothing like the denim outfits.  These suspenderes are thin and slick, made from leather similar to that of a belt, and with metalic buckles to really help them shine.  These sleek suspenders are must-have for any guy looking to class up his outfit and bring it that upper-class mood that comes with these suspenders.  Wrap your fingers around these straps and feel a surge of confidence and pride, and you’ll understand just why they were so popular back in the 1920’s.

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2) Bow Tie

This aspect of men’s fashion has never really faded, and for good reason.  Bow ties are a timeless fashion accessory, lending men;s outfits a sense of class and nobility.  While they are less popular than traditional ties, they still have a wide grip in modern culture, and can be worn in varying situations.  While some people might associate them with formality and the adherance to tradition, nowadays they can lend themselves to a variety of moods.  They can be considered a fun alternative in formal wear, or even just a way to spice your fashion up from the norms.  Whatever your reason might be for wearing a bow tie, you’ll undooubtedly be looking your best and have a sense of confidence thanks to this classy accessory.

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*1920’s Men’s Fashion Ideas That Are Back For This Year

3) Newsboy Cap

Various hats were all the rage back in the 20’s, but none seem to have stuck around longer than the newsboy cap.  It seems like these hats were the choice of the working class back in the day, a possible explanation for why they’ve stuck around more prominently than the hats of the upper classes.  These hats are like a combination of beret and conductor’s caps, these floppy hats make an excellent choice for a myriad of occasions.  These caps were worn by all sorts of average workers back in the 1920’s.  They have even stuck around in modern times with some celebrities, such as Brian Johnson of AC/DC, frequently seen wearing the classic newsie cap, as well as a few other celebrities.

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*1920’s Men’s Fashion Ideas That Are Back For This Year

4) Suits

Suits are another classic look that has stuck around in the modern age, although suits are so broad a category that they have changed a lot during since the 20’s.  20’s suits were definitely less bold in color than modern suits, as you are definitely less likely to find brightly colored suits.  They mostly stuck to the dark colors, like shades of blue, brown, gray, and black, although they were also found in crisp whites.  Suits were a full-body outfit, and not clothes to be customized.  Popular version of suits back then were pinstripe suits and three-piece suits. Similar looks have certainly stuck around in the modern time, leaving men looking classy and sophisticated.  Suit vests of the same color were frequently worn beneath the suit jacket and above the dress shirt, making the outfit rather monochrome.  Color contrast has certianly made a mark in modern dressing, so if you’re looking to fit in to the style of the 20’s, you should minimize those bright, contrary colors and stick as monochrome as you can.

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5) Pocket Squares

For the resurgance of this fashion accessory, you can thank modern shows like Madmen.  Pocket squares were, however popular for a good period of time after the twenties, where they were initially popularized.  These pieces of fabric are similar to cloth handkerchiefs frequently carried in older times, but made specifically for fashion.  Their hems are curled and rolled, to create a sort of frill.  These accessories are carried in the pocket, as their name suggests, and provides a bit of subtle color contrast within the mostly monochrome suits most men wore.  They were also a sort of status symbol, since more rich men could afford carrying around this classy fabric without any intention of actually using them for any function.  Similar to their original use, pocket squares make for a nice status symbol, while also additing an aditional flourish to your outfit.  Save yours for the best of occasions!

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*1920’s Men’s Fashion Ideas That Are Back For This Year

6) Other Hats

There were plenty of other popular hats in the 1920’s besides newsie caps.  Some other popular options for the middle class were fedoras, trilbys, and bowler hats.  Fedora and trilbys are similar style hats, both characterized by their indents in the front and full, round brim, though fedoras tend to be wider and trilbys are taller.  Bowler hats are also similar, though with a much rounder top.  All these hats are still thriving in modern culture, and used primarily as fashion statements by those confident in their outfits.  You’ll find plenty of celebrities rocking fedoras or trilbys, leading to a number of fans wearing them as well.  These hats are good for some of the more classy social events you’ll attend, so be sure to keep them crisp and fresh for those rarer occasions.

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*1920’s Men’s Fashion Ideas That Are Back For This Year

7) Hairstyles

Most hairstyles of the 20’s for men are characterized by their short length and use of hair gel to achieve a slicked back look.  These hairdos are an easy and stylish way to put some effort into tidying up your hair and giving you a slick look.  There are plenty of modern hairstles referencing this 20’s style, if not directly based upon them.  Gentlemen’s cut, a cut often seen in SoCal areas like Hollywood, is one such cut with short, gelled-back hair.  As long as you aren’t worried about your hairline, then 20’s style haircuts are an excellent choice for any guy looking to class up his look.  Of course, moustaches aren’t fit for ever men’s fashion outfit, but if you can rock a curled mustache, it will definitely fit that older aesthetic.

*1920’s Men’s Fashion Ideas That Are Back For This Year

These are some of the men’s fashion ideas that have stuck around for these past hundred years.  Which do you see these days?  Which are your favorite?  Let us know in the comments!

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