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30 Long Skirt Ideas for Your Office Outfit

Who does not know a long skirt? This fashion item can be a cool outfit for any occasion and atmosphere if we are smart in combining it with other outfits. The long skirt is comfortable to wear and available in many choices. Besides this item will give an impression and also elegant. There are many tops that are suitable for long skirts, from shirts to blazers and various other unique tops like off-shoulder tops. To get a fashionable and gorgeous look, you just have to choose the right mix and match.

To go to the office you do not have to always wear a tubed skirt. For those of you who are always active in the office, you can wear a long skirt. This item will certainly facilitate your active movement in the office because you will not be difficult to walk like when you wear a tubed skirt. You can combine a long skirt with a shirt top or you can also combine it with a denim jacket.

Flouncy pink loose skirt with gray shirt knitted Long Sleeves.
Black Maxi Skirt with Black Crank top.
A checkered maxi skirt and A black shirt will always look so cool.
Pair an airy white maxi skirt with black ankle boots.
Saint Laurent Plisse-Velvet Maxi Skirt with an oversized cardigan.

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Long leopard skirt with a light brown top, black shoes.
Light beige skirt with a classic shirt, beige high heels.
Light transparent skirt with white cardigan top, white handbag.
Deep black skirt with a white long-sleeved shirt, classic handbag.
Brown accordion skirt with a brown long-sleeved top.

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Dark brown skirt with a polka dot top, brown sling bag.
Black patterned skirt with a long sleeve top, white shoes.
Flower patterned skirt with a long sleeve top, black handbag.

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Dark brown skirt with a long sleeve top, and dark red high heels.
Transparent skirt, with a white top, and a leather jacket.
Long black fold skirt with a striped top, and denim jacket.
Long accordion black Skirt with layered top, and white handbag.
Long black skirt with a patterned shirt, and gray scarf.

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Shabby black skirt with a patterned handbag, and gold top.
A-line skirt with a white top, black blazer, and brown handbag.
A-line black skirt with a brown cardigan, white top, light brown backpack.
Long black pencil skirt with a jacket cardigan, leather shoes. black sling bag.
Long Boho skirt with a white top, long blazers, gray sling bag.
Long skirt shabby gray with a black handbag, gray cardigan, yellow scarf.

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A skirt with an interesting silhouette, like this layered one.
Long black skirts, and nice necklaces, bangles.
Long navy skirts, And Blouse Dresses
Long patterned skirts with a black top, black handbag
Long skirts, and white top.

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There are quite a number of career women who wear skirts when working. Besides Gives a sweet and feminine impression, skirts also make women look calmer. To go to work, skirts come in various forms. If you want a high-class look, you can combine it with an off-shoulder top. Although this item model has been around for a long time, it is still popular today. An example of an outfit that you can wear is the Brown accordion skirt with a brown long-sleeved top.

A lot of women today prefer to wear pants, but the trend of long skirts has also never been abandoned. A feminine and beautiful impression will certainly be more visible if women use this type of clothing. No need to hesitate to wear a long skirt as long as you combine it with the right top. Choose this item based on your body shape and don’t forget to pay attention to the color combination to make it look harmonious and more eye-catching.

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