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With mass amounts of fans and large platforms, celebrities use their fashion choices to express themselves and influence the others. They are the force that continues to push the ever evolving world of fashion. Whether on the red carpet or taking a casual stroll through the city, many celebrities  have their own sense of style that stands out and catches our eyes. Obviously there are hundreds of celebrities that are influential in fashion, but I’ve narrowed a list down to 5 celebrity style icons (in no particular order) that everyone should take notes from.

1. Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill has come a long way since he caught our attention with his hilarious role in Superbad. He spent years having a stylist fit him in classic, nice suits for the red carpet, but recently Jonah Hill started to stand out as a celebrity style icon. He grew his beard out, slicked back his hair, got tattoos, and began wearing loose-fitting streetwear and casual skate shoes. Whether he’s out in a tie dye t-shirt or a camel-tan overcoat, Jonah Hill surely stands out as a style icon. He even has an outfit focused instagram page called jonahfits dedicated to his unique sense of style. Jonah Hill has truly created a look for anyone who is willing to push the boundaries of streetwear. His secret? Pure confidence.

2. Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh is one of the most natural celebrity style icons in the world. Since his original gig as Kanye West’s stylist, Virgil Abloh has truly made a name for himself within the fashion industry. With jobs such as artistic director for Louis Vuitton’s menswear collections, to the job that arguably is what got him on this list of celebrity style icons as the founder, CEO, and creative director for Off-White. Virgil Abloh has helped elevate streetwear to the luxurious position it is in the fashion world today. Whether on the red carpet or casually out and about, Virgil Abloh’s unique sense of style will definitely catch your eye.

5 Celebrity Style Icons You Should Take Notes From

3. Frank Ocean

Another well dressed celebrity style icon on and off the red carpet is Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean has blended classic California skate style with his own unique look, resulting in lots of beanies, flannels, tucked in shirts with belts, and casual graphic t-shirts. Ocean sometimes even uses his fashion choices to spread important messages. One of his most notable outfits consisted of a white t-shirt that read “why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet” in bold black letters. Though often quiet and off the grid, Frank Ocean is definitely a celebrity you should pay attention to when taking style notes.

5 Celebrity Style Icons You Should Take Notes From

4. Brooklyn Beckham

Infamous soccer star David Beckham has obviously taught his son a thing or two about style, as Brooklyn Beckham seems to be following in his father’s footsteps in showing off his ever-growing collection of well done tattoos and his chic combination of classic and current fashion. Whether out in a casual t-shirt, well fitting pants, and vans, or a classy overcoat fitted with a perfect collared shirt, and nice boots, Brooklyn Beckham’s wardrobe is always on point. The young model is no stranger to the spotlight, often flashing smiles for photos, and showing off his unique outfits that make him a celebrity style icon.

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5 Celebrity Style Icons You Should Take Notes From

5. A$ap Rocky

It’s almost impossible to write a list of 5 celebrity style icons you should be taking notes from without including Harlem rapper A$ap Rocky. A$ap Rocky may have done more in combining the high end fashion world with the rap world than any other artist thus far. He’s often seen rocking designer outfits head to toe, he has his own line of Guess denim, and he even has tons of lyrical content in his music that pays homage to fashion, for example, his song Raf  that pays respect to infamous fashion designer Raf Simons. Wherever A$ap Rocky is, you know his outfits will stand out. It may not be easy to replicate his style without loads of money, but it is possible to emulate a similar style that won’t break your bank with the right streetwear and a head full of confidence.

5 Celebrity Style Icons You Should Take Notes From

While I don’t think you should go out and replicate these exact outfits, I do believe this is a good start for people who look to up their fashion game. These are my 5 celebrity style icons to take note from, but there are plenty more out there. Let me know who I’m missing in the comments!

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