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5 Different Ways You Can Get Involved In Fashion Show Season – Women’s Fashion

Summer may be almost in full swing but some days I still daydream about the school year, well at least my favorite part of it – fashion show season. As a fashion major, I live a thrive off the rush of quick changes, the final atmosphere created, and most importantly the creativity of the designers. I never regretted reaching out to Diablo Conglomerate, Fashion Student Organization, FS2, Kent Fashion Week, or attending Rock the Runway. All these groups have really taught me about and helped me experience the beauty and substance behind the fashion industry. Read on to see the roles I got involved with this past season and how you can get involved next spring too!

1. Dresser

A crucial role to the show. Ready for anything – whether it’s a quick change, a busted seam, or just giving our models a confidence boost. And it really is a good feeling being backstage as one of the main reasons the show can even go on. Between keeping track of the garments to checking every last closure, we get the models out there on time looking flawless.

2. Makeup Artist

Another backstage role. Just as important, yet you get to be more creative. If you know your way with the contouring stick and your blend game is strong, I highly suggest signing up for the makeup team! You get to make the models feel beautiful and give them the extra oomf to help them rock the runway. It’s just a rewarding as a dresser when you see the final look come together.


3. Stylist

Yesssss, a fashion merchandiser’s favorite job. We’re not always exactly skilled enough to sew up a collection over months, but that doesn’t mean we’re all business. In this role, you get to bring together just the right combinations of accessories, statement pieces, and basic essentials to represent the concept you created related to the theme.

4. Model

All eyes are on you and you gotta own it! Models do more than just wear clothes and walk down a runway. You’ve gotta maintain posture while walking to the beat of the music, attend practice after practice, and even wear extravagant and over the top garment (I’m talking about the kinds that could belong in an art museum). But it is all definitely worth is because of that proud feeling you get representing the idea that your designer has dedicated so much time to.

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5. Audience

If you don’t have the time or talent to dedicate, just go and watch the show! This is honestly the best way to experience a fashion show to me – well except for a stylist. But it is truly amazing to sit there and experience the whole show, rather than seeing bits and pieces. You get to see it all come together and the final product as a whole. You get to appreciate the art of clothing and actually understand why fashion is more about art than it is about clothing. And that why fashion shows make my fall in love with my major over and over again.

Hello fashion lovers, what are you most excited for during the fashion show season? Leave your comments below!
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Dominique Paras

Dominique is a fashion merchandising major and marketing minor at Kent State University. She enjoys all types of music, all types of dogs, and taking pictures for her Instagram blog, @96chicstreet.

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