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5 Footwear Pieces Every Guy Must Own – Men’s Fashion

It is often said that a large part of your first impression is affected by and judged upon three main factors, your hair, your handshake and your footwear. May it be a job interview or a date, if you are looking to seek acceptance and appreciation, a pair of old, wrinkled, worn out shoes are going to be no good.

While shopping for shoes can get overwhelming with the vast variety of designs and products in the market, both online and in store. Here are five essential footwear that even man should have, making it easier to pick your next pair.

The Black Leather Oxford

As tastes may differ from person to person, there is no fixed rule or set of pairs to make it a complete shoe collection. However, it always benefits to be any situation ready.

As far as suits are concerned, you are going to need a pair of classic black leather Oxfords. It may seem like a minor characteristic, but it’s the lacing system of these shoes that give them a snug fit and clean finish, making it one of the most formal styles of footwear for men.

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The Suede Loafer

The first pair, from when the records indicate were designed in the early 1930s. With a diamond-shaped cut-out, this style has survived all these years, without any major changes in its design.

These can be styled with a variety of outfits from a semi-formal look to vacation vibes. They come in several different materials. While leather is a common choice that bring a little formal touch to the look, soft suede is often argued to be the most versatile look.

 Footwear Pieces Every Guy Must Own

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 Footwear Pieces Every Guy Must Own

The White Leather Low Top

Sneakers are a popular pick among men’s footwear. But if styles experts were to pick one style to immortalise, there is a very high chance it would be the white leather low top.

Originating from the early 60’s, this shoe type gained more popularity as white tennis shoes over the past decade, becoming ubiquitous.

Today, brands have experimented and have come up with their own versions and designs of these white leather low tops. Varying from a sporty look to untra-minimal, they can be styled with anything from your summer shorts for a casual look, to a more formal tailoring.

 Footwear Pieces Every Guy Must Own

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Retro Trainers

The 70’s and 80’s favourite retro styles are back on top of the charts this season.

Although shoes today are just as loaded with treats ans tricks as that smartphone in your pocket. A pair of running shoes would not be a great pick for an outing over the weekend.

Fortunately, we have travelled back in time to the era when runners were known to be bold, colourful and fun. Kicks such as the Nike Cortez and the Adidas Gazelle are an easy access, finely designed, bold pair of shoes to get you comfortably through your day.

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You can find similar designs and styles from other relatively newer brands that are also are starting to manufacture this style.

 Footwear Pieces Every Guy Must Own

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The Leather Lace-Up Boot

To all those rough and tough men out there, Leather Lace-up boots are the right pick for you.

Not only do that have a different and creative design that would be a great change from your every pair. But its brick strong, yet comfortable built makes it a robust pick to add to your wardrobe. These shoes will take anything throw or dropped on them, may it be coffee or oil stains.

Having supported strong men working as soldiers, farmers and various sorts of labourers, a good pair of leather lace-up boots can last you a lifetime if taken good care of.

 Footwear Pieces Every Guy Must Own

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 Footwear Pieces Every Guy Must Own

Let us know in the comments below of your favourite kind of shoes for men.

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