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Fortunately for the women of the world, a majority of us have a built-in fashion gene. We tend to be able to keep up with what and what not to wear. Unfortunately, men are not as lucky. While some guys seem to walk off a Man Of The Year runway every morning, most men’s fashion is quite questionable. This is the top 5 men’s fashion don’ts guys always make and desperately should know about.

1. The “Dad” Jean Shorts

Guys, if you are going to wear shorts, that’s not the issue. Just make sure it is -not- jean shorts by any means. This one is usually more aimed at the older crowd. Khakis used to be the major issue for men, but the styles have adjusted over the years and have gained general approval. Boating shorts of all colors are fine, etc., etc. but the jean shorts are an enormous no-no. First of all, they scream “Dad”. Second of all, they scream “Golf Dad”. Ten out of ten you gentlemen are not trying to fall into that style. Basketball shorts are more acceptable than jean shorts. Men’s fashion is so lax and there are only so many options for you, so for the sake of your social and love life, make the right choice!

2. Saggy Drawers

While we’re on the topic of pants, this is probably one of the longest-lasting fashion mistakes men just cannot seem to stop making. Whoever thought this was a stylish, attractive idea was hella WRONG. Sorry guys, but real women do not want their man waddling down the street because their pants are so low below their waist. Also, the world does not want to see your boxers/briefs. Oh, and finally, pants that are so baggy you are practically swimming in them is absolutely a men’s fashion -do not by any means-. Sure, the hip hop scene is cool and has come out with some pretty great looks for men and women that are trending, but whenever and wherever this became a “thing”, it needs to go back there.5 Men's Fashion Don'ts Guys Always Make

3. Long Pants That Aren’t Long Enough

To wrap up the bottom half of our men’s fashion don’ts, let’s talk about pants that are either too long or not long enough. Technically, this mistake could go both ways. (Shorts that are too long or too short are also a men’s fashion don’t.) These days, men seem to take more pride in wearing nice, creased, stylish pants whether it be a business casual look, a nice suit, or even just casual wear for a night out. Skinny pants have also definitely been on the rise for men, but when any style pant is just not the right length, it will ruin the whole attire. Gentlemen, capris pants are not for men. We repeat, capris pants are NOT a men’s fashion option. Please spare us the embarrassment of a potential twinning outfit on date night. Guys’ clothing sizes are a lot simpler than women’s, so take your measurements before you go shopping and get the right size (and match up the right socks)!5 Men's Fashion Don'ts Guys Always Make

4. Ties & T-Shirts

We can appreciate a man that is 100% passed the overly-relaxed look and likes to keep things looking professional. Typically ties are only for certain occasions, but whether you have a big day ahead of you or you just want to leave a lasting impression as a sharp dresser, do not by any means compliment that tie with a t-shirt. In fact, it’s not a compliment. Pairing ties and t-shirts is an insult! It is not cute, it is not classy, and it most certainly makes our list for men’s fashion don’ts. Gentlemen, we know college can be a confusing time, but once you walk out those high school doors, it is imperative that the slacker/jokester is left behind with all your other terrible teenage choices. We strongly recommend that a tie only goes with a long-sleeve button down shirt, so if that type of shirt is out of the question, so is the tie. Unless you want to look like a cast member from The Office.5 Men's Fashion Don'ts Guys Always Make

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5. Shoebies!

Out of all the possible ways we could have finalized this list, we had to go with the socks-and-sandals look, or as we like to call them, Shoebies. Especially now that the warm weather is just around the corner. This used to be just a “Dad” mistake, but somewhere down the line, this terrible trend spread to all ages. Personally, we think the only guys that can get away with this are our little ones solely because kids are blessed with the freedom of being able to wear whatever they want and not worry about it haunting them. More often than not, people wear socks with sandals because the sandals are comfortable, they don’t want to wear real shoes, and the socks are there to either hide the hideous toes that have yet to be trimmed and tended to. Just take care of your personal hygiene and that is one less thing you’ll have to think about when choosing an outfit.

5 Men's Fashion Don'ts Guys Always Make

Please do us a favor and heed our warning, men. If you want to stand a chance surviving in today’s society and maybe even landing a date at some point, do not fall prey to these common men’s fashion faux pas. Comment any more men’s fashion don’ts!

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