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5 Types Of Coats Every Guy Should Have In His Closet – Men’s Fashion

A coat is both a great device for warmth and a great accessory as well. For every guy, it’s an essential piece from October to April. Every man needs to have five types of coats, each one for a specific occasion. The five coats every guy should have are the wool overcoat, the leather jacket, the bomber jacket, the jean jacket and a running jacket.

1. The Wool Overcoat

A wool overcoat is an essential winter piece, whether it is used for attending Christmas with your family or going on city dates with your significant other in the late January light. The important thing about a good wool overcoat is that it is versatile and works with most colors within your closet. Colors like Navy, Black and Gray work best. Overcoats often come in a variety of lengths and you should pick one that works best for your sensibilities. This is one that I like personally.


2. The Leather Jacket

Ever since Marlon Brando popularized the leather jacket in The Wild One, it has been in and out of style. It is essential not only because it is a timeless classic, but also because these jackets are good to keep out the fall breeze. The Leather jacket creates an aesthetic that projects vibes of rock n’ roll-level confidence and a down-to-earth demeanor.

Moto jacket.:


3. The Bomber Jacket

The bomber Jacket is relatively new as fashion but has quickly become an integral piece in men’s fashion. It allows a sleek alternative to the rugged Leather jacket and the professional overcoat. It provides an urban mystique that is essential for every young man’s closet these days.

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4. The Jean Jacket

Less classic than a leather jacket, a jean jacket is necessary nowadays thanks to American Eagle’s revival of denim. It allows to remind people of your punk rock nature and provides a nice contrast with either a darker more rugged denim or with a good chino. It allows you to have a nice on-top base while creating a colorful pop in the leg! And it also helps a young man complete the ever-important lumber jack aesthetic.

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5. A Running Jacket

A running jacket is a stylish choice but rather a practical one. A running jacket should be light and sleek and keep your core heat in while still being breathable. It is a practical essential for every young man’s closet.


These are the best coat outfits that all men should own!
Can you think of any more coats every guy should have in his closet? Share in the comments!

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