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7 Brands With Cute Bathing Suits For Athletic Body Types

It is finally summer, which means it is finally bikini season… a blessing and a curse. We all love that bikini season means hot days spent with friends by the water, but we all hate the dreaded search for the perfect bikini. Unless you have the build of Megan Fox or Nina Dobrev, finding the right bikini for your body can be difficult and downright overwhelming. As an athletic body myself, I understand the struggle, especially if you don’t want to buy your swimwear from the local mall. Designer bikinis can feel like they were meant only for models and those girls whose pant sizes never go in the positive numbers. Well, I feel that I have found, through my own obsession with bikinis, the best brands for cute bathing suits for athletic body types.

PLT is a great choice for athletic body types when shopping for bathing suits. They offer very trend-conscious designs and a myriad of color and patterns.

This online retailer offers many stylish bathing suits for athletic body types. They are very aware of the latest and hottest trends while keeping in mind a wide array of sizing and fit.

Take a look at these bathing suits for athletic body types!

I own more swimsuits from this brand than any other, and it is for good reason. Triangl is an Australian based company that makes high quality bikini sets for less than $100, and these days, that’s a good deal. But what I really love about them, is that their suits are great on athletic bodies. The tops offer the best support out there, while still being super flattering, and their bottoms are very low riding which great for people who have shorter torsos. Not to mention, they originally made bikinis for surfers, so their stuff stays put, there is no riding up the bottom or tops falling to the side. I really can’t say enough about Triangl.

Take a look at these bathing suits for athletic body types!

This is a luxury brand with a luxury price tag, so be prepared to open your pocket book if you want one of their pieces. But the reason they are on this list, is because I think they are the best at simple. They focus all the creative energy on mastering the perfect cut and fit, which is key for athletic bodies. They tend to keep their patterns simple and their coloring muted, which gives your body the chance to be the star of the show. I would say this brand is more about enhancing what you have rather than overshadowing it.

Take a look at these bathing suits for athletic body types!

Everyone has heard of billabong, but if you haven’t tried on one of their bikinis lately, you might be missing out. I have a larger hip and bottom section, about 29 inches, but I am mostly toned, so while I feel confident in bikinis, I always figured Billabongs bottoms would be too tight on me… I was wrong. Because this brand caters to pro surfers, their swimwear is cut for women with athletic bodies, especially muscular legs and bottoms. Everything I have tried on from this brand has supported me, stayed in place, and flattered me body.

Take a look at these bathing suits for athletic body types!

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This brand is for all of you who are a little straighter up and down. Maaji is a beautiful brand full of whimsical colors and patterns which is perfect for women who are more muscle than curves. Their cuts and coloring does wonders for adding femininity to an athletic body. Also, they are really great quality and many are reversible so you get two swim suits in one.

Take a look at these bathing suits for athletic body types!

IF you are looking to do more than just lay by the pool this summer, which is likely if you are an athletic body type, then you might want to check out Athleta. This brand makes swimwear meant to move. They have a large variety of styles, that all stay in place and support, even when you are diving for the ball in beach volleyball. I have been really surprised by how this brand has combined function with fashion, and think they are worth checking out. This brand is known for its work out and athletic theme. You will have no problem finding cute bathing suits for athletic body types here.

Take a look at these bathing suits for athletic body types!

Which of these bathing suits for athletic body types are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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