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8 Combinations of Stylish Pink Outfits for Men

For those of you who still think that the guy wearing a pink shirt is tacky, you must try see mix and match pink shades that are reserved for this guy.

  1. Although identical with girls, pink shirt was also good to show a friendly impression on the boy.



With the selection of pink color that is calm and not too bright, the guy with a pink shirt will actually look friendly and nice views.

  1. To eliminate the assumption sexy, pink plaid shirt can also be combined with other colors. Red or black.



Without even the slightest impression, this plaid shirt actually highlights a different side of the guy, that is romantic and understanding.

  1. Office guy is not forever stiff, you know. This striped tie could be an alternative to show a positive side to their personality.


Choose a pink color that is not too bright, like pink pastel or horizontal oblique line.

  1. Shown unique and anti mainstream to the invitation or party will not be impossible again, from pink elegant coat is an option.



By choose a unique pink coat and, elegant appearance to the party is no longer a dream.

  1. The blend of pink polo clothes and plain jeans is one of good style . Wear this moment to casual or semi-formal events


Try new alternatives such as pink polo clothes combined with plain pants jeans to the events earlier.

  1. In order to increase your charm, try styling with a plain pink shirt with an open top button.


The pink shirt with no motive was not only fresh, but also began a lot of fond because of the handsome effects it produces.

  1. Immediately emphasize the impression macho to you! You simply combine two shirts with this different color at once.


For beginners, you can wear a plain black or white shirt as a deep and pink plaid shirt as an outlet.

  1. If you run out of ideas, just try mix and match the pink sweater with the shirt. It must be cool.


Not only during the winter, the combination of a pink sweater with a shirt as a depth is also you can try when traveling away or traveling.

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