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8 Fashion Tips for You who Have Skinny Body

Everyone would want an ideal body shape. If you ask the ideal body shape you want, the answer must be a thin body. A thin body is very easy to mix and match clothes and the size is very easy to find in the mall or in the online shop. You need extra care if you want to mix and match your fashion item.

  1. No slim fit


clothes with slim fit type or fitting with your body should you avoid. It will only add skinny impression on your body.

  1. Skinny Jeans


After oversize top, it’s time to wear skinny jeans. Skinny jeans will neutralize the impression of “fat” on your oversized top and will make your appearance look more attractive and will form your feet into ladder.

  1. Layer Style


In essence layer style drip to the clothing that layered. Layer style usually used during winter / winter. This style is very effective for you who want to have a body that contains a little.

  1. Use Clothing With Horizontal Motif


There is no doubt that the horizontal motive is able to make the impression “contains” on your skinny body. You can put your clothes on or leave them out of your pants.

  1. No Fit


If you have a skinny body, you should avoid clothes that fit your body. It’s good you look for the size of clothing that one level above you.

  1. Use Oversize Top


Oversize Top increasingly popular in the fashion world. Clothing that impresses this greatness is perfect for you who have a thin body. Oversize top will make your appearance impressed and proportional.

  1. Use the waistband on the dress


If you want to use a dress, choose a dress that suits your body shape. Find out in advance what your body shape is, and find the right dress.

  1. Use Bright Color and Motif


use clothes that consist of several colors mix color / duo tones / the like. Clothing that consists of several colors will make your body look contained. Avoid using dark colors such as black or dark brown.

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