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8 Hannah B Jewelry Looks We Love On The Bachelorette – Women’s Fashion

Hannah (B) Brown the star of season fifteen of The Bachelorette, was adorned with fine designer jewelry throughout the season. The jewelry, provided by Jewelers of America has a unique partnership with show, where they get to display beautiful pieces by an array of designers on national television each week. Here are our eight favorite Hannah B jewelry looks!

1. The Emerald Green Look

In the latest episode of The Bachelorette, we saw a stunning Hannah B jewelry and complete outfit look that we are head over heels for! She shined in a gorgeous green ballgown and all emerald and diamond jewelry by Suzanne Kalan. She truly looked like the princess of the ball!

2. Gabriel & Co. Ring

In epsiode two, we saw another Hannah B jewelry look we loved. This 14-karat white gold ring by Gabriel & Co. It’s a beautiful, delicate ring with fine details, such as the diamond encrusted stars all over it. This ring has a unique shape, and its called “Starlis.” It retails for $2, 730. 

8 Hannah B Jewelry Looks We Love On The Bachelorette

3. Claire Earrings By Meredith Marks

These earrings that Hannah B wore are so stunning, they make for a gorgeous statement piece! These Claire earrings by Meredith Marks are a 14-karat rose gold and diamond. They are a lovely warm-toned color thanks to the rose gold, and they have a classic teardrop shape. These Claire earrings have such a classy, sophisticated look. They retail for $3, 350. 

8 Hannah B Jewelry Looks We Love On The Bachelorette

4. Dilamani Opal Earrings

A recent Hannah B jewelry look we adore is thanks to several designers. The opal earrings she wore were designed by Dilamani. Their color really pops against her tan skin and pair so elegantly with her silver silk gown. We love the striking color as it offsests an otherwise neutral color pallette. Hannah is also wearing an oversized diamond ring and mood ring by Meredith Marks and a delicate and breathtaking leaves ring by Brevanni (not pictured). 8 Hannah B Jewelry Looks We Love On The Bachelorette

5. Brevani Earrings

On the recap episode of The Bachelorette we saw Hannah in a simple outfit with dazzling white gold earrings by Brevani. Like all of Hannah’s looks, she adorns simple and tasteful earrings and rings that compliment her beauty and draw attention to her gorgeous smile. 

8 Hannah B Jewlery Looks We Love On The Bachelorette

6. Dena Kamp Diamonds

On the show’s opener, episode one of season 15 we see Hannah B star studded in Dena Kamp diamonds. Hannah B’s stylist Cary Fetman consistently chooses elegant rings and earrings in lovely pairings, that compliment her beautiful dress and even more beautiful smile. We love the royal, luxurious quality of Dena Kamp’s diamond pieces. 

8 Hannah B Jewelry Looks We Love On The Bachelorette

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7. Turquoise Diamond Earrings

A rather unusual but memorable look of Hannah B’s were when she adorned a diamond bracelet by Jessica Simpson Style and beautiful turquoise earrings by The Woods Fine Jewelry. The color of the earrings were the icing on the cake for this whole ensemble as they paired elegantly with her silky, silver blue pantsuit. This look certainly is more defined than some of her other looks have been.

8 Hannah B Jewerly Looks We Love On The Bachelorette


8. Pink Pearl Necklace

By far one of our favorite looks of Hannah B in The Bachelorette is her faux fur pink outfit that is paired beautifully with a black and pink pearl drop pendant necklace by The Woods Fine Jewelry. This necklace is so gorgeous as it demands attention with its layers of black pearls strung around Hannah’s neck and chest, completed by a pink pearl pendant by Shalla Wista Studio. The pink pendant is exquisite looking with the pink jumpsuit, tying the whole look together. The whole outfit compliments her as a beautiful, young woman. 

8 Hannah B Jewerly Looks We Love On The Bachelorette

Did you love these Hannah B jewelry looks and outfits too? Which ones were your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzGt3AqFXYs/

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