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There are just certain things that women go crazy for that men wear. Whether it be a watch, a certain pair of shoes, or even a certain smelling cologne, there are just some things that we like to see on men more than others. And that goes for male accessories as well. You might not notice it at first, but the tiniest of accessories can bring together a guy’s look and really make them 10 times more attractive. Coming from a female’s perspective, I put together a list of male accessories that just make the girls go crazy. While some of these things are what I like men to wear, others are what other women have said they love to see guys wear. So ladies, pay attention if your man needs a style upgrade. And fellas, listen up if you’re trying to get that one girl’s attention because we’re going to help you out!

1. Black or Silver Rings

I’m a sucker for a guy who wears rings, probably because I’m a big fan of male hands. Rings are the ultimate male accessory because even though they might seem simple, they actually tie a guy’s whole look and aesthetic together. And the rings don’t even have to be that crazy or elegant. A simple black or silver ring can go a long way on a male’s hand. It’s even better if they have multiple rings on their hands. For me, it’s the more rings the better, but any sort of simple black or silver ring is one of the best male accessories.

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2. A Nice Watch

In an age where we use our phones for everything (even to tell the time), a nice watch has become a staple male accessory. Come on, there’s just something about seeing a guy flick his wrist in order to check the time. Makes him seem just a teensy bit more classy. Just like the rings, a watch is one of the best male accessories to express your style. The kind of watch that you wear ties directly back to the style you are perceiving to the world; especially the female world because we love a guy whose attention to detail is known through the watch he wears. 

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*8 Male Accessories That Girls Go Crazy For

3. A Great-Smelling Fragrance

A great-smelling cologne is also a very important male accessory. You might think it’s not an accessory because it isn’t something you can see a man wearing, but it is because it also ties a whole look and style together. The truth is, women are more attracted to males when they smell good. It’s the honest truth. You go into talk to or hug a man and they smell nice? Game changer. When a man has found his scent, one that pairs with who he is, this means that he has a clear understanding of who he is and what he wants to present to the world. One of my top male accessories is definitely the cologne a man wears. 

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*8 Male Accessories That Girls Go Crazy For

4. A Backwards Baseball Hat or Beanie

I don’t know what it is about hats, but when a guy is wearing one in the perfect way it becomes the perfect male accessory. I don’t know why a guy instantly becomes more attractive when he wears a baseball cap backward or a beanie, but he does. He doesn’t even have to be into sports or it doesn’t even have to be cold out! If he’s wearing a backward baseball cap or a beanie and it goes perfectly with his outfit and the look he’s going for at that moment, the girls will in fact go crazy. I think this is one of the male accessories that women don’t talk about enough, so men don’t know what effect it actually has on the female population. Sorry if I gave away one of our secrets ladies. 

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*8 Male Accessories That Girls Go Crazy For

5. Fun Socks

I like them on myself so of course, I’m going to like them on the men I find attractive. Socks are one of the male accessories that adds color, humor, and personality to a guy’s wardrobe. Women love a man who has a sense of humor and if they’re able to express that humor through their socks then that’s a big win in a women’s mind. It may seem weird, but seeing a fun pair of socks when you’re out on a date can tell you whether or not that guy will be boring, and we all know we don’t want a boring man. Fun socks can be the male accessory that helps you pick out the fun ones. 

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*8 Male Accessories That Girls Go Crazy For

6. Fingernail Polish

This has become a new male accessory over the last year, and let me tell you, I am here for it. It might just be because of my attraction to hands but I really like it when a guy I’m attracted to sports nail polish. It means that they are in tune with their feminine side a bit, and I think that’s a pretty attractive attribute in a man. Whether it’s black or a whole range of popping colors, painted nails have become a notable male accessory among the millennial and gen z generations. You pair a good nail polish job with some classy rings and you’ve got me (and I’m sure a bunch of other girls) hooked!

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*8 Male Accessories That Girls Go Crazy For

7. Dark Frame Glasses

Whether it’s a pair of Wayfarer Ray-Ban sunglasses or a nice pair of black-framed eyeglasses, girls will go crazy for this boxy yet sophisticated male accessory. At first, we thought glasses were nerdy, but these days there are some really fashion-forward glasses that are changing the outlook for both sexes. When a man has on a nice pair of glasses with nice dark frames they look both smart and charming. Pulling off glasses is hard, so if a guy can do it effortlessly he’s already winning in my book. Dark, thick-framed eyeglasses are one of the male accessories women like because they show that a guy is comfortable wearing an accessory that might accent a flaw. 

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*8 Male Accessories That Girls Go Crazy For

8. A Bowtie

It’s already a big deal when a man dresses up in a fitted suit and dress shoes, but when you add a bowtie – game over. The bowtie is a male accessory staple because it just shows you that a man knows how to be classy. And sometimes it doesn’t even have to be worn in the fanciest of settings. Nowadays there are bowties that are more casual for a more casual first date or day out. But when a guy wears a bowtie – especially if it’s one that he had to tie himself –  it shows that he is not only sophisticated but that he’s making an effort to dress his outfit up. Yes, a classy black bowtie is really nice, but a more casual black one with white polka dots can dress up a nice dress shirt for a chill date. A bowtie is one of the best male accessories to round out an outfit. 

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*8 Male Accessories That Girls Go Crazy For

What are some male accessories that you go crazy for? What kind of male accessories really tie a guy’s look together for you? Let us know in the comments! 

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