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8 Men’s Hairstyles Perfect For Summer – Men’s Fashion

This year, the men have stepped up their have game! The typical low-cut just isn’t cutting it anymore. The guys have found different ways to express themselves through some new and some old school hairstyles,  and these are 8 men’s hairstyles that are perfect for the summer!

1. Dreads

One of the hottest mens hairstyles right now, is dreads. Even though this style has been seen for centuries, it has gained new momentum in 2019. Guys are wearing them long and short, black and blonde, and some are even dying the them or putting colors on the tips. This hairstyle can give an edginess to your look and can actually serve as a protective style if taken care of right. If you do decided to grow them out, you can tie them up and change the whole look completely.

2. Two Braids To The Back

Another mens hairstyle that has been blasted all across instagram, is the two braids to the back that are tied in a very small bun. This style works for guys who don’t want to deal with a lot of hair but also don’t want to have no hair at all. This style combined with a low cut on the sides can give be the perfect combination and is also easy to maintain! Also, men have been exploring with hair extensions as well so if you don’t have enough hair, add some!

8 Men’s Hairstyles Perfect For Summer

3. The Classic Man Bun/Ponytail

Now for all my ladies-men out there, this men’s hairstyle is a classic, Romeo, type of look. The man-bun is the an all time for favorite for the super romantic women out there. Just like the dreads this mens hairstyle is versatile and can be worn in different ways. Some guys prefer the low bun or ponytail and some wear theirs in a very high bun on the top of their head. Guys have explored with cutting down the sides and just having the hair in the middle, but the long hair everywhere, Jason Momoa look is the one we’re aiming for here.

8 Men’s Hairstyles Perfect For Summer

4. Slick Back

Now this a more sleek look for out guys. You need a little bit of length on top, some gel and a comb       to accomplish this look. This hairstyle gives off the Jon Travolta in Grease type of look. You know, where you’re the pretty, bad-boy that all the ladies can’t stay away from, you wear all black and have a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. In words of Paris Hilton. . . that’s hot.

5. Bald

Okay, so out of all the mens hairstyles, this one might throw you off. Being bald is not usually something that’s associated with being trendy, nor is it something people usually aim for. However, this style is perfect for the summer. It’s cool during the summer heat, easy to deal with, and with a little bit of facial hair, it will take you a long way!

6. Curls Out

For all my guys with curly hair, this is for you! Let them thangs grow out, don’t cut them! This style is easy to accomplish for you, because you don’t have to do anything. This style gives a skater boy vibe, but has a lot of versatility. Depending on how long you grow it out, you can pull the man-bun, or even the two braids to the back. So really, you have a three-in-one style!

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7. The Classic Fade

My favorite, the sexiest of the men’s hairstyles. The classic fade. If you ask a barber, there are many ways to accomplish this style, but basically, you but your hair short short. no hair on the sides and you can even had a little design in the top of it. Some do a little swirl on top, some do a straight line and some just leave it as it. Regardless, this style is grown and sexy! Depending on how fast your hair grows, this style might require you to get it redone every 2-3 weeks or so.

8 Men’s Hairstyles Perfect For Summer

8. The Shaggy Look

Of all the mens hairstyles, this one might be the easiest and hardest style too acheive. This can be done with dreads, braids, or any type of long hair. It’s the J-Cole look, ya know? It looks like you don’t brush it everyday, or maybe you just wake up and go; no time for grooming. It almost looks like you’re homeless, or maybe just dirty, but then somehow it’s…cute. Chicks dig it.

8 Men’s Hairstyles Perfect For Summer

These men’s hairstyles are unique, and you have to chose based on your personality, your personal style and what will work best with your day to day functions. Plus, these men’s hairstyles will work for every season, not just the summer!

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