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I, along with many others, agree that winter is one of the best seasons! It’s a time full of sitting by a cozy fire whilst drinking hot chocolate, getting out and hitting the slopes at every opportune moment and of course, wearing the comfiest and warmest clothes you own. I absolutely adore winter for these very reasons, especially being able to be cozy in my favorite sweatshirts, hoodies and leggings. I also like to be snug when I go to bed at night, and if you live in a high desert climate like I do, then you know it can get fairly brisk during the nights. So, having a proper pajama set is a must for those of us who not only wish to stay warm, but also stay super comfy. I myself own many pajama sets, and am always so excited to pull them out every winter! These eight pajama sets are the epitome of what it means to be snug, as well as adorably fashionable. 

1. Pretty In Plaid 

I’m one of those people who have always been in love with Victoria’s Secret pajama sets. They’re made from the comfiest of materials, and as a bonus, are always looking very cute. This t-shirt and flannel pants in hot pink pajama set delivers on both perfectly. I love the floral pattern that they added to the classic Victoria’s Secret V on the shirt, and how the pink plaid pants nicely complement the shirt. I’ll be completely honest here when I say that their flannel pants are super comfy and lightweight. Plus, they make for perfect lounging pants on those weekends where you just can’t seem to muster up the energy to go out anywhere. This charming pajama set will certainly deliver in keeping you nice and snug at night. 

2. Pinecone Forest 

There’s something about this particular pajama set that just puts me completely at ease, and makes me feel at home. Growing up in Colorado, I’ve always held a strong fondness for any type of pine tree, as they grow in abundance here. I can honestly say that I love them more than deciduous trees. This pajama set from Target features a cream-colored long-sleeved henley top with fleece pants covered in a simple pine tree branch pattern with pinecones. They remind me of something you would wear when staying up in the mountains in a cozy little cabin. And with the material of the pants being fleece, that’s just added warmth and softness to make you feel extra snug at night. You won’t regret buying this forest-y pajama set! 

8 Pajama Sets That Are Perfect For Winter

3. I’ll Be There For You 

I don’t think that I’ve ever met one person who didn’t love the show Friends. I mean c’mon, it’s a totally classic sitcom! I always enjoy re-watching the whole series at least once a year; it never truly gets old. When I saw this endearing pajama set from Kohl’s, I instantly started setting some time to the side this weekend to go and buy it. This pajama set features a pink and black long-sleeved raglan top with the Friends logo stitched underneath an etching of the New York City skyline, with cozy pink pants featuring several different classic elements from the show. I love how they included Phoebe’s grandmother’s cab, as well as the iconic photo frame that hangs on the back of Monica’s apartment door. This pajama set is definitely for all the Friends fans out there!

8 Pajama Sets That Are Perfect For Winter

4. Cozy Teal 

If you’re looking for a pajama set that is super comfortable and simplistic in looks, then look no further than this teal pajama set from Dillard’s. To be honest, I would have a completely tough time just getting out of these pajamas in the mornings as I live for the cozier things in life. I would find a way to make an exception to at least wear the pants out in public in a tasteful and appropriate fashion. Perhaps I’ll even break my airport rule of no PJs? This pajama set features a long-sleeved shirt with matching pants in a soft and comfortable rayon material. You won’t be steered wrong with this ultra-cozy pajama set. 

8 Pajama Sets That Are Perfect For Winter

5. Pink Plaid 

Hey, what can I say? Plaid is quite a popular pattern during this time of the year! And on the plus side, it’s become a much cuter fashion for women. This comfy pajama set from Victoria’s Secret features a long-sleeved top with matching leggings in a beautiful pink plaid pattern. One of my favorite things about this particular pajama set is that they’re thermal, which makes for much needed extra warmth for us cold climate dwellers. These awesome PJ’s would also work great as a pair of long johns, which is awesome news for all of you female skiers and boarders out there! Here I am thinking to myself, finally, a cute pair of long underwear that’ll keep me warm out on the slopes. Honestly, I’d call this lovely pajama set a win-win for versatile purposes. 

8 Pajama Sets That Are Perfect For Winter

6. Lovely Leopard Print 

I’m a huge fan of animal print styles, which is why I absolutely had to include this adorable pajama set from Target on here. This fierce-looking pajama set features a black and white leopard print style on a long-sleeved shirt and matching leggings. I love how comfortable this pajama set looks, and how it would also be ideal for lounging. Plus, I appreciate how in today’s world, we see more and more leggings being incorporated into pajama sets, I guess they finally started paying attention to most females under 40 basically living in these articles of clothing. I know I do; I can’t even remember the last time I wore a pair of jeans. Why would I? When leggings are far more superior in their comfort? These leopard print jammies are both chic and cozy!

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8 Pajama Sets That Are Perfect For Winter

7. Snowflake Fair Isle 

Another pattern that is also quite common to see around this time of the year is the fair isle pattern. I’ve been in love with this particular pattern for many years now, as it just reminds me of cozying up indoors on a cold snowy winter’s day with a mug of coco watching my favorite movies. This pajama set from Kohl’s features a lightweight navy long-sleeved t-shirt with pants in a blue, white and maroon snowflake fair isle pattern. I like how this PJ set also includes a pair of pajama shorts, because I’m sure there are some of us out there who get a little toasty while sleeping at night! The shorts feature a red, white and blue plaid pattern that complement the long-sleeved shirt in a lovely way. You can’t find a better Pajama deal than this, where you can wear the set all year round. 

8 Pajama Sets That Are Perfect For Winter

8. Snoozing In Grey And Pink 

I adore pajamas that have cute little sayings sewn onto the shirt, and this pajama set from Dillard’s does just that. The word Snooze is spelled out on the front of a long-sleeved grey shirt in a pastel pink braided string fashion, with a pair of pink plaid jogger sleep pants. And if there’s anything that you should know about jogger sleep pants is that they’re ultra-comfortable and soft. This pajama set would be another that would work well to lounge around your house or apartment in. I know I would be perfectly fine with lazing about my apartment for the day in these cozy jammies. You won’t be getting chilly at night anytime soon with these snuggly jammies!

8 Pajama Sets That Are Perfect For Winter

Are there any of these pajama sets that you plan on getting for the winter? Which ones were your absolute favorites? Let us know in the comments section below! 

Featured Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/27795722688722623/ 

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