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8 Wedding Dress Inspirations for You Look More Charming

Well, if you are planning to carry out a national or international wedding theme, this stylish groom dress can be an option to be carried on a happy day. Here are 8 Wedding Dress Inspirations for You Look More Charming.

  1. The wedding day is more sacred with a bright white suit. Do not forget to add a fedora hat to make it more relaxing.


If you want to look more relaxed and fun without having to leave the sanctity of the day reception, use a fedora model hat with matching color.

  1. Suspender not merely can be used for relax. Now you can also wear it as a bride.


Let look more official, wear a small butterfly tie with matching color. In addition, do not forget to choose official shoes such as cap toe balmoral type.

  1. Wear shirt, waistcoat and tie suit. The bride must be more in love with your charm now.


Wear a soft-colored shirt suit. Then use long tie with soft color. Add a plain vest as an outlet.

  1. If your partner has prepared a beautiful dress, it’s time you use the official tailcoat.


In order not to look like a magician, choose a color other than black. Then add a long tie and vest on the inside.

  1. If you want to look masculine and dashing on a happy day, a black suit with a bow tie can be a mainstay.


If you want to look as handsome as most men in black suits, do not forget to add a bow tie in the neck. To be more stylish, choose a suit with just one button and pin a small flower in the breast pocket.

  1. You do not have to hesitate to choose a tweed patterned jacket, paired with him who uses a dress is more eccentric.


Motif tweed as above for example. This suit suits better paired with a long waistcoat and tie.

  1. Do you want to hold a party with close friends only? Wear this casual setting but keep this style.


Use dark jeans, polish shirts, vests, and suspenders. In addition, wear additional accessories, flatcap model cap. And do not forget to wear pantovel or wingtip shoes.

  1. Wedding dresses should not always be one color. If you’re good at mix and match, it’s not impossible that you look cool.



For example, join a brown shirt patterned with a thin grid with red brick pants.

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