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Tired of wearing your same old boring bra and panties every date night? Looking for something a little sexier and more desirable, something that he won’t be able to take his eyes off of? All it takes is finding the perfect sexy sets of lingerie to compliment your beautiful body! Lingerie comes in many forms, but one of the best forms is as a set. With a bra, panties, and a garter to match, every part of your figure is outlined and ready for anything! Here are 9 sexy sets that are sure to keep his eyes glued to you!

1. Heart Print

This heart print set by Venus is a lovely option for those special nights with your special guy. It is two pieces, a lightly-lined wireless bra, and boyshort panties that provide minimal coverage. Plus, the panties have clips for stockings or thigh-highs if you’re into that sort of thing! With a nearly sheer texture, the set gives just enough away to get him excited, while still leaving a little for the imagination. The set features small and short ruffles along with the adorable red and pink heart pattern, and is a perfect addition to one of those sweet and innocent special nights!

You can order this set for $49.00 from the Venus website!

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

2. Open Cup, Caged Panty

Here’s another lingerie set you can find at Venus! This one is a bit more provocative than the previous option, as it covers significantly less, and outlines everything a bit more noticeably. This style of lingerie is for the girl who is eager to catch his eye and keep her hold on him nice and tight. This set is irresistibly sexy, and there’s no reason not to feel absolutely gorgeous in this set. It features a hardly-there set of “caged” panties, and a strappy open cup bra, which covers you with a simple line of lace. There is also a choker, and all three pieces are connected with a strap, so you look absolutely uniform.

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

You can order this set for just $39.00 from the Venus website!

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

3. Strappy Lace

Yandy is an affordable lingerie website that is great for those of you who are eager to give sexy sets a shot but aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for. At some of Yandy’s prices, you could buy two or three sets for the price of one Victoria’s Secret teddy or bra. Yandy’s sets are mostly sold in only two sizes, S/M and L/XL. This doesn’t give wearers many options in terms of size, but those who think they can make do with those sizes should absolutely give their sexy sets a try!

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

You can order this set (minus the shirt, gloves, and fishnets) from Yandy for $39.95!

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

4. Reign

Reign is a lingerie set by the brand Adore Me, which doubles as a comfy pajama set! It comes with a tank top that is soft cotton material in the front, and a sexy lace in the back. Plus, the panties are nice and loose and feel more like shorts than anything. They are made from the same sexy lace from the back of the tank top. With this sext set, you can modestly share your adventurous side with your favorite guy!
*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

You can order this set for just $24.95 if it is your first time ordering from Adore Me. Otherwise, the set retails for $49.95.

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

5. Simply Gorgeous Bustier 

Bustiers are so beautiful that every girl should have one in her lingerie collection. Bustiers are similar to corsets in appearance, but they have slightly different functions. Corsets were originally intended for cinching the waistline, whereas bustiers are a bit shorter and focus more heavily on boosting your bustiness. This set by Bare Necessities is both sexy and simple, with a subtle pop of color. This set is available in both original and plus sizes!

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

You can order this set from the Bare Necessities website while it’s still on sale for just $28.50!

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

6. All Eyes On Me

All Eyes On Me fits perfectly into our list of sexy sets that are meant to keep his eyes on you. This three-piece lingerie set comes from Fashion Nova, and is a super sexy option, both in style and color. This one comes in three color options, but the “Wine” option is absolutely alluring. This set is composed of a triangle bralette, a g-string, and a garter belt. It is super sexy and can be made your own by adding a pair of stockings or thigh-highs. Either way, his eyes will be stuck on you!


You can order this set for just $34.99 on the Fashion Nova website!

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

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7. Heart Skips A Beat

Here’s another option available on Fashion Nova’s website! This one is called Heart Skips A Beat for obvious reasons. The cold shoulder top features the option to wear nipple coverings that are heart-shaped, leaving just the right amount of your figure to the imagination. The set is two pieces, the top, and a matching thong. Both pieces feature the pink heart design and have strings to tie into a nice bow. This set is adorable, and looks comfy enough to wear all night long!

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

You can order this cold shoulder/thong set for just $29.99 from Fashion Nova!

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

8. Fishnet

Fishnets are a sexy lingerie staple. No matter how they’re styled, fishnets are a steamy addition to any and all sexy sets. This three-piece set from PrettyLittleThing is actually entirely fishnet stylized and features a bra, bottoms, and suspenders. The fishnet design works well to accentuate curves and help your man focus on all the most important places! This is the perfect set for those girls who have a bit of an edge to their personalities!

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

You can order this set from PrettyLittleThing’s website while it’s still on sale for just $30.00!

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

9. White Lace Corset

This last entry on the list is the only one to be strapless, as well as have a corset design. This one is beautiful, and it’s perfect for wearing under a strapless dress or some other slightly revealing top. The embroidered lace design is absolutely divine, and the white color makes it a perfect match for any outfit. Another home run in the lingerie game for PrettyLittleThing! 

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

You can order this set for just $26.00, while it’s still on sale! You can order directly from the PrettyLittleThing website!

*9 Sexy Sets To Keep His Eyes On You

Which one of these sexy sets do you see yourself wearing to keep his eyes on you? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/fashion/buzz/5-sexy-lingerie-ideas-for-new-brides/articleshow/71094891.cms

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