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Clothing, often times, can be pretty expensive. Realistically, nobody can afford a $100 dollar shirt, or jacket. Men’s brands go along the same vein. That’s why we’re focusing on a few men’s brands that have affordable clothing for the everyday man!

Uniqlo is a fairly popular brand; they’re an affordable brand that house both men and women’s collections. As for their men’s collections, they have outerwear, dress shirts, t-shirts, activewear, and bottoms.

Their fashion can be summed up as affordable, simple, and great for those everyday trips to the store or just to hang out with friends. They’ve got a ton of earthy, and darker tones of color; you’ve got your dark blues, greens, whites, and just an overall abundance of colors that all mesh together really well. Not a ton of patterns, though.

Uniqlo also has many, many different brands that all have their own sense of style. If you like that simple, sleek look, be sure to check out Uniqlo today!

If you’re looking for a more casual, more stylish look, then Topman is the place to be. Topman is for the men who aren’t afraid of patterns or colorful clothing.

They’ve got any type of blouse or pant you can imagine: chinos, collared shirts, t-shirts, shorts, they’ve even got suits! If you have an date to go to, and you need something special, just go to Topman; they’ve got you covered. Their website has a variety of different colors that will go great on any body you put it on.

If you’re a man, craving that stylish, model look in your wardrobe, be sure to check out Topman!

Affordable Men’s Brands For The Everyday Man

From simple, to stylish, to minimalistic again, we have Muji. Founded in Japan in 1980, Muji is an affordable brand offers a massive array of items to choose from. They’ve got everything from home goods, to furniture, to fabric, to women’s and men’s clothing. Muji even has snacks!

If you really wanted to, you could buy your whole life here. No one would blame you. Affordability, and snacks? What more could a person ask for?

Their men’s clothing is very minimalistic; there’s almost no patterns, and no prints on any of their clothing. That doesn’t mean their clothes aren’t devoid of any personality, though. Muji’s clothing is reminiscent of the feeling of nature, cleanliness, and freshness.

One of Muji’s new arrivals for this collection is linens, and uses them an exorbitant amount in their men’s clothing. If you’re fond of a minimalistic approach, go check out Muji’s clothing!

Affordable Men’s Brands For The Everyday Man

Straying completely away from shirts and pants, were taking a look at Bombas, a sock company! Their speciality is socks, though they do have t-shirts.

Their socks are colorful, quirky, and are fit for any man, any day of the week, for any activity. You gotta go for a run? Slap on a pair of athletic Bombas socks, and you’re all set. Need to go to the store? Put on some of Bombas casual socks. They also have different types of socks, like no-shows, ankle, quarter, calf, and even compression socks!

We can’t always look cool and hip with just pants and a t-shirt. You gotta cover all angles of the body! If you’re looking to spice up your outfit with some colorful socks, head on down to Bombas today!

Affordable Men’s Brands for the Everyday Man

We’ve all seen minimalist by now. What about a little bit of a change? boohooMAN is that change. They’ve got pretty cool clothes at a really affordable price; often times, their clothes come out to under ten dollars!

Their clothing just screams street cred. It’s very hip, very bougie-looking clothing that would make any streetwear photographer do a double take. boohooMAN’s thing is stripes, as well as using the word ‘Man’ plastered on some of their tracksuits and clothing which gives off that cool, slick streetwear vibe.

Their clothing is mostly darker colors with a few light colors like light blue, and pink sprinkled in there. If you’re looking for streetwear to make you look even cooler, check out boohooMAN!

Affordable Men’s Brands For The Everyday Man

You can’t go wrong with a little bit of Target, right? Target is a great store, and Goodfellow & Co. is a great affordable brand. Goodfellow & Co. is exclusively sold at Target, and provides polos, tees, swimwear, shoes, pants, and much more on their website and in-store.

Their clothing consists of cool, simple designs that are affordable for you, and your family.

Affordable Men’s Brands For The Everyday Man

If you’re more interested in a cleaner-cut style, then you’re sure to love Express. Express is a brand that’s known for their clean-cut clothing, and sleek style. It’s what makes up the brand itself, and this kind of style is shown in the women’s clothing as well.

Express is a fan of cool toned clothing; their clothes consist of a lot of grays, blues, whites, and the occasional light yellow and green. Doesn’t mean it’s not a good brand, though! Express is great for when you’re going to impress a certain partner during a casual date. Not too fancy, not too lazy either.

Be sure to check out Express today!

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Affordable Men’s Brands For The Everyday Man

Mango is another affordable men’s brand that also provides that clean-cut, but comfy look with many different styles of clothing. Their clothes just look so comfortable and clean!

Their clothes are stylish, comfortable, and totally affordable! Mango also provides suits, waistcoats, blazers, and even offer a suit guide for you to follow. Their suits are exceptionally clean, and can make anyone look as dapper and handsome as the suit looks.

If you’re looking for Be sure to check out Mango today!

Affordable Men’s Brands For The Everyday Man

Okay, you’ve got your suit. You look great in that suit, no doubt about it. Everything is perfect…except for the tie. The tie isn’t as great looking with the rest of the suit as you hoped to be. Or maybe you’re thinking that this suit would look better with a bow tie.

The Tie Bar is tie brand that hopes to change that little predicament for you.

The Tie Bar’s specialty is ties, tie bars, and bow ties. They also have clothing as well, but let’s focus on the ties for now. Their ties are fantastically designed with vibrant colors, patterns, and prints to give you that fun, funky look. The Tie Bar also sells professional solid color ties.

The bow ties, ties, and tie bars are all pretty affordable, and exceptional for any special occasion you’ve got coming up. Be sure to check out The Tie Bar! Speaking of suits…

CCO Menswear is an affordable suit brand that provides quality suits for a low price. They have shirt-&-tie 3-piece sets that are under $100, and suits that are handsome, affordable, and under $200.

And their suits are pretty snazzy too. They have plaid, and solid colored suits, and a beautiful crimson red suit that’s only about $100. If you’re looking for that perfect suit for a social or formal event, CCO Menswear is the way to go.

Many clothing brands today aren’t that affordable; everyone knows this. Here’s to hoping that with all of these brands, you’re able to freshen up your wardrobe affordably, and without a care in the world.

Which of these brands caught your eye? Tell us in the comments below!

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