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Cologne is necessary for any guy, basically because you do not want to walk around smelling like two scoops of dog poop. However, sometimes cologne can seem way too expensive and might not even seem worth purchasing. Lucky for those who smell bad, I compiled a list of some of the cheapest colognes that can make you smell right. So, take notes so you can get your body odor under control, I promise it will make your life better.

Old Spice

The first cheap cologne on this list is one of the most obvious choices because you have probably seen it in commercials hundreds of times. Still, Old Spice should not be taken lightly, as it is not only one of the cheapest cologne sprays you can find, but it 100% gets the job done. Not to mention, Old Spice has anything a man would need to take care of themselves. Deodorants, colognes, aftershaves… if you need it, they have it!


Another one you have most definitely seen on television, Axe body spray is slightly better than Old Spice in my opinion. The reason I believe that is because Axe has tons of different smell combinations. So, if you do not like a certain fragrance, there is always another one you can try. Basically, there is something for everyone when it comes to Axe body spray. I personally use the Cool Ocean body spray and hit the double pits to chesty, and I am covered all day.

Cheap Cologne to Make You Smell Right


CK Be is the first true cologne on this list, and I put it there because this is actually a cologne I frequent. One 6.7 ounce bottle is just over 20 bucks and will last you a few months. My favorite part is that the fragrance is noticeable, but nowhere near being too overpowering. One squirt on your neck and one on the wrists have made so many people ask me what I am wearing. The only downside is that it is unisex, and my girlfriend steals it all the time.

Cheap Cologne to Make You Smell Right

Coach For Men

At first sight, this one may seem to be on the pricier side, but it is one of the more affordable pricey colognes. In 2017, Coach debuted this wonderful fragrance for men when blends lavender, grapefruits, kumquats, and notes of 10 other smell goods. If you want to spend a little bit more, this would be my main suggestion.

Cheap Cologne to Make You Smell Right


If you are new to cologne, or just trying to find yourself the smell that works for you, I would suggest getting a sampler. Most cologne manufacturers will have some sort of sampler box with smaller portions of several fragrances. A few years back I found this random box with 8 different colognes, 2 oz each, for $35. While that deal is long gone, a simple Google search will find you dozens of buying options. 


This entry is on here because it has been my father’s most trusted cologne for as long as I can remember. Blending apple, cedarwood, and numerous other smells, this casual fragrance is simply the best for someone who just wants a simple cologne. It lasts longer than most colognes I have used and actually does not lose any of its punch over time. If it is good enough for my dad, I guarantee this will be good enough for you.

Cheap Cologne to Make You Smell Right


The official most expensive cologne on this list gets a pass for one reason. Polo cologne is the cheapest “big boy cologne” you can find. So, if you want to have a more expensive fragrance, but still want to kind of save money, then go the polo route! Not only is there a plethora of choices, but you can usually find sales that will hook you up with several ounces of Polo for just a few bucks, so keep your eye out for all the great deals and you are bound to find something.

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Of every cologne on this list, this one does not get the props it deserves. Adidas makes some incredible and affordable cologne, which is very easy to find in stores and online. You can find numerous special blends for all types of people, but one of the best selling points is that it is not just meant for the casual person. Rather, some Adidas cologne is made especially for active men, so if you want to smell good on a bike ride, Adidas cologne is just for you.

Cheap Cologne to Make You Smell Right


Another great choice for budget cologne, Stetson is one of the most affordable entries on this list. While most of their bottles are smaller sizes, the largest bottle I could find was only $11. That is 3.5 ounces of a casual cologne for only 11 bucks. Stetson has been in the game since 1981, and it is clear why in nearly 40 years, they have maintained themselves as one of the best budget colognes.

Cheap Cologne to Make You Smell Right

Acqua di Gio

The final entry on this list is another more expensive cologne, and that is all because it is Armani branded. This 3.5-ounce bottle of Acqua di Gio can run you over $60 but features one of the most distinct fragrances I have come across. I wanted to include this entry however because there is currently a fake bottle of Acqua di Gio currently available on Amazon Prime. So, I wanted to warn you to make sure you always look at the reviews when you are not purchasing from a brand website. Or else, you will end up with some fake cologne for the same prices as the regular expensive cologne.

Cheap Cologne to Make You Smell Right

Cologne is as necessary to your outfit as any other piece. You can dress to impress with the freshest gear, no potential sexual candidate will get anywhere near you if you smell like hot booty cheeks in the Sunday sun. So, getcha smells right and you will be doing a lot better, I guarantee it. Did I forget any really good cheap colognes? If so, make sure you let me know in the comments below!

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