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Men’s shoes matter a great deal. There are few things that matter more in life than your shoes. You spend hours a day just walking around in them without ever realizing that they can define how people look at you. Height matters to people: shoes directly affect your height. Looking hygienic matters to people: shoes don’t lie about what you’ve walked in. Dress shoes can leave a lasting impression on those around you. Like who vs. whom, misusing a dress shoe can leave a tacky impression. Let’s take a look at some shoes.

Semi-Brogue Oxfords

These are also known as half brogues. They’re a nice style and a lovely addition to any wardrobe. They have a cap at the foot of the shoe. The company Clarks makes great men’s shoes that can last for over a decade if you take care of them. The detailed design on the bottom is indicative of this style. This is an in-between for those of us who don’t normally go to fancy events. It’s a step up from the derby shoe.

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Derby Shoe

Plain derby shoes are a must-have for anybody’s shoe collection. This one is more casual than your fancily embroidered shoes. These shoes can be worn with jeans. These are the shoes that you’ll see most people wearing with suits. Many people lack these shoes and instead wear tennis shoes with their suits.

At the very least, you should be wearing derbies with dress clothes. There are a few celebrities who can get away with wearing sneakers and a suit (the lovable Norm Macdonald), and that’s about it. 

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Classy Men’s Shoes That Will Make A Man Out Of You


I have owned a pair of Clarks (like these in the picture) for around ten years now. They have served me well. Suede is a delicate material and needs to be babied. They feel very nice and fit like a glove. They have the derby design to them. The fact that suede doesn’t have the glistening shine makes them look less tacky (and more casual) than most dress shoes.

If you’re trying to look presentable but loathe the very idea of dressing up, toss on a dress shirt, vest, tie, jeans, and suede shoes. It’s a semi-eccentric look because it never feels like it has a place in any of the categories for dressing up.

Black and blue colors for suede don’t look as casual. These shoes might be hard to take care of, but they are well worth the time.

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Classy Men’s Shoes That Will Make A Man Out Of You


Wingtip (Full Brogue) Oxfords

These men’s shoes are what someone thinks of when they see a playboy millionaire. The only thing more all-out is when there’s a color contrast between the wingtip and the rest of the shoe. When you’re going to a wedding, you can pull out these bad boys and show them off to family and friends. When you choose to wear these, you’ll probably need something like a vest, to keep them company.

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Classy Men’s Shoes That Will Make A Man Out Of You

When Should I Wear These?

Most of the time, when you need anything above a derby shoe, you’ll normally be renting your tux for a wedding. But, on the off chance that you like nice clothes and wish to buy some of these, derbies are normally considered business casual or less.

When you choose to buy these types of shoes, the first thing to remember is: what is the most mileage I can get out of these? Buy a neutral-colored shoe that is easy maintenance, matches more than one thing in your closet, and blends in with the events you’re invited to. 

Finally, if you can go to a shoe store where someone can help you try these on, do so. No one likes shopping for hours on end, but you want to take the time to pick an item that you’ll wear for ten years.

Picking out the best men’s shoes for yourself is difficult, so if you’ve found any brands that you love, let us know in the comment section below.

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