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You’ve heard from your friends that hair products for men are all the rage these days. Never having used any before, you’re curious what is out there. Before going on the internet, you ask your friends what products they use in their hair. After asking this question, you’re surprised at their eagerness to tell you. This is a side of your friends that you’ve never seen before. You had no idea that they were this into hair products for men. You learn something new everyday, huh? Trying to listen politely to what they’re saying, you nevertheless become bored very quickly, but you still make an effort to listen.

American Crew Forming Cream

You’ve seen this little jar among the many hair products for men that your friend Jerry showed you when he first revealed that he had a love of hair maintenance. Well, first off, you like the look of the jar, since it’s not too ‘in your face’. Rather, it has a simple title and list of stuff on the front. After opening it up, which Jerry lets you do in exchange for allowing him to put some in your hair, you find that it’s colored white and has a sticky consistency, but doesn’t feel ‘cheap’, like it could wash out of your hair or simply refuse to take effect. Another nice thing about this cream is that it’s very easy to apply to your hair. All you need to do is put some on your fingertips, rub it around a little bit, and then work it into your frontal hair (the back isn’t too important).

Brickell Men’s Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Your first thought when you see hair products for men that resemble bottles is to think of them as hairspray, which you always thought was mostly a girl thing. Jerry kindly corrects your mistake and proceeds to tell you how many men consider hairspray one of the best hair products for men. You ask Jerry if you can use some of his, but he tells you that he loaned it to his sister some weeks back. Instead, he shows you a bottle of texturizing spray that’ll make it easier to style your hair into the perfect shape. You must admit that Jerry’s hair always looks fantastic, so you decide to give it a try.

Brickell Men's texturizing sea salt spray

American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion

Alright, now that you’re starting to become more interested in hair products for men, Jerry leads you to the far side of his impressive bathroom. Hidden behind a reversible wall is a huge collection of many different bottles and jars. Pulling one out, Jerry introduces it as a texture lotion, which will help your hair stay in one shape, even when you’re out in 50 mph winds. You’re a little skeptical concerning this last point, but Jerry assures you that he’s not joking. He invites you to try some yourself, so you squeeze some out of the bottle and rub it in your hair. 

Light hold texture lotion

BOLIDIFY Hair Thickening Spray

As you’re both looking through the secret compartment of hair products for men, you see a spray bottle that states, in small lettering near the bottom, that it’s guaranteed to make your hair thicker in one week or less. You point this bottle out to Jerry, who remarks that it does, in fact, work. You believe him since, a few years ago, you remember Jerry having really thin hair. If you were to meet him for the first time now, though, you would never guess that since Jerry now has a thick head of hair. Luckily, you don’t need to use this spray, since your hair is already plenty thick…at least for now.

Hair thickening spray

Redken Brews Daily Shampoo for Men

Among the neatly arranged hair products for men in Jerry’s incredible bathroom, you see what appears to be a bottle of some sort of alcohol. Laughing, you ask if your friend always drinks when he styles his hair. That must be why he always has the most incredible hairstyles. Jerry knows immediately what bottle you’re talking about, even though you aren’t pointing at it or anything. Picking it up, he remarks that no, it isn’t alcohol and, if you were to drink even the tiniest drop, you would fall into a deep sleep. 

daily shampoo for men

Hair Dough Styling Clay

On the top shelf of the mysterious hidden wall in your friend’s bathroom rests a small yellow jar, much like the green and black one by the sink on the other side of the bathroom. Reaching up, you gently grab the jar and inspect it. You can’t believe it: the face of the man on the jar is none other than Jerry! Slightly amazed, you ask your friend why their face is on the jar. Jerry responds (in a ridiculously formal voice and manner) that he created the clay himself. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t believe this, but you’ve seen this strange wall in his bathroom, so you don’t question his pronouncement. 

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Styling clay

Lumanere’s Hair Growth Serum

It appears to you that you’ve seen everything worth looking at in the hidden wall, so you start to turn away to the exit of the bathroom. You don’t get very far, though, before Jerry calls you back over to the wall (“just for a moment, my friend”) to see one last spray bottle that you overlooked. Holding this bottle aloft in his hand, Jerry states that, out of all the hair products for men that he owns, none is more valuable than the Hair Growth Serum. Jerry tells you the story of how his good friend Lumanere accidentally stumbled upon this discovery while trying to create a potion granting everlasting life.

hair growth serum

Tea Tree Shaping Hair Styling Cream with Matte Finish

After showing you his incredible array of hair products for men, Jerry offers to give you one item from his collection. You respond that you simply cannot take anything from him, as any gift to you would decrease the wonder of the hair products he has accumulated. Waving this excuse aside, Jerry replies that these are but mere trifles and are easily replaced. With this reassurance, you again walk over to the many bottles and jars and, without too much thought, grab one that doesn’t look too expensive. Later, after you’ve returned home, you open the styling cream that you chose. Incredibly, there is a note inside from Jerry! “My friend,” it says, “I have known you for many years and, due to my familiarity with yourself, I concluded that you would choose something from my collection which you assumed to be of no particular value. Anticipating your choice, I have swapped this label with the most irreplaceable object in my collection: the hair growth serum.”

Hair shaping cream

When was the first time you began to use hair products? Did a friend introduce you to the idea? Let me know in the comments below!

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