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How To Style Your Midi Skirt In The Cutest Way – Women’s Fashion

Midi skirts are finally getting the attention that I feel they deserve! Putting together an outfit with your favorite skirt is so simple, regardless of if you’re going for something flirty and girly or fun and edgy.

Regardless of your personal style, there is definitely a cute way to style a midi skirt among this list of style pairings that applies perfectly to you!

Pair it with a Chunky Sweater

As springtime approaches, the weather is definitely getting warmer, but it is almost a tease, being that it is not quite time to bust out all your favorite summer clothes despite the sight of the sun.

One of my favorite fashion statements is a chunky turtleneck sweater, so why wouldn’t I want to pair that with one of my favorite midi skirts!? Cropped turtleneck sweaters are very popular too, making it really cute and easy to throw that over a midi skirt of your choosing. This will keep you incredibly on trend without freezing your booty off in the brisk spring breeze!

Belt it!

Belts are one of those fashion accessories that seem to constantly be swaying in and out of popularity. In my opinion, belts are ALWAYS a good idea. By adding a belt to your midi skirt, your outfit automatically look so much more put together, plus it is super flattering, helping your waist look extra super tiny!

Right now, chain belts are really popular, and they are fun to add with your outfit in order to give it a bit of an edgy flair. However, you could also choose a minimal thin leather belt or a super thick statement buckle belt. All this in mind, belting your midi skirt is a fashion MUST this season.

How To Style Your Midi Skirt In The Cutest Way

Throw on a Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are always a great option when it comes to putting together a cute outfit with a midi skirt. Throwing on your favorite ACDC vintage tee with a midi skirt can bring about a level of edge and grunginess that makes your look incredibly cool. With a pairing like this, you’ll be ready to conquer the world of streetwear in the cutest way.

Going back to the topic of brisk springtime weather, throwing a denim jacket on over one of your graphic tee and midi skirt combos is another fun way to play up the trend!

Dress it Down With Some Sneakers

Dresses and sneaker. Skirts and sneakers. ANYTHING  with sneakers. This is a trend that I am 100% on board with, and I do not see that changing any time soon as we evolve into springtime fashion. Whether you choose to pair your favorite midi skirt with your classic white converse, Air Force 1s, or basically any pair of sneakers in existence, this is definitely a great move in looking cute, comfy, and totally on trend.

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An additional style tip I have with this particular look is to add a fun pair of socks with your sneakers! While sneakers with a midi skirt are certainly a fun look of their own, putting them together with a bright colored pair of statement socks can be a great styling touch!

How To Style Your Midi Skirt In The Cutest Way

Play With Pattern Mixing

I feel like there was a time when you would be frowned upon simply for pairing pink and red together, let alone something as wild as plaid and polka dots. In today’s world of fashion, it is true that ANYTHING goes. This is true when it comes to playing with different patterns.

Different examples of how you can participate in this trend with your own midi skirts is simply by adding a statement top with a statement skirt. Confused? If you’re wearing a floral midi skirt, throw on a fun striped blouse. If you’re wearing a plaid midi skirt, add a bold color or animal printed shirt on top! Whatever patterns you decide to mix, wear it with confidence and your outfit will be an absolute hit!

How To Style Your Midi Skirt In The Cutest Way

Now that you have quite a wide range of different options of how to style your midi skirt in the cutest way, you are ready to kill it in the world of springtime fashion! Feel free to leave your own favorite style parings down below in the comments!! Now get out there, and rock your favorite midi skirt in confidence!

Featured Image Source: https://www.uptownwithellybrown.com/pleated-midi-skirt/

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