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Most men don’t consider jewelry when putting together their outfits. And why should they? For a long time, a lot of the male populace considered jewelry to be part of female outfits only. But in today’s age, more and more men are comping with stylish ways to implement jewelry into their outfits. Here are a few jewelry pieces for him that guys should keep in mind when completing their outfits.


Yes, a watch is considered jewelry for men. The right kind of watch can accent a man’s outfit, whether it be a suit or otherwise, and give him a look of professionalism. I highly recommend with an analog watch as opposed to digital, as the former has an air of sophistication the latter seems to lack, if only a little. While some may see wearing a watch as redundant given the fact that you can see the time on your cell phone, a good watch has always been considered a staple in fashion, and it’s one that’s not going away anytime soon. This is one of the best jewelry pieces for him!


While men only consider wedding rings to be acceptable, there are other types of rings that can be worn to complete your outfit. I myself where my college ring whenever I go out on formal occasions. There are many types of rings men can wear to complete their outfit, ranging from simple bands to those showing of their heritage, culture, or religion, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little. An as to the question of how many rings to wear, it all boils down to the confidence of the wearer. Some people only feel comfortable with one or two, while others can pull having a ring on all their fingers.


Necklaces aren’t as popular as watches or rings, but they’re viable options for completing a man’s outfit. Some enlisted men wear their dog tags, religious men wear a simple leather chord with a small cross, while other prefer necklaces made out of small chains or beads. It’s highly recommended that only one necklace should be worn at a time, but there are some men/outfits that can pull off two or three, three being the absolute maximum. Just be sure that the necklace doesn’t clash with your tie or your shirt.


This is a tricky one. This form of jewelry is more function over form, as most bracelets let people know if a man is an organ donor, a supporter of some cause, or serve as a medical alert. But there are simple bracelets out there that serve as decorative pieces, such as chords of leather and wooden pieces, that can complement the right outfit. But unlike necklaces and rings, it’s recommendable to use only one on each wrist. Additionally, touching back on the cause support, they can serve as a great conversation starter. That’s getting your money’s worth out of them when you wear them. This is one of our favorite jewelry pieces for him!

Jewelry Pieces For Him To Complete Any Outfit

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What many consider the easiest piece of jewelry for men to wear, a good set of earrings can serve as the finishing touch to a man’s outfit. While there are admittedly some wild styles of earrings out there for the public, there are some classic designs, such as simple metals bands or those inlaid with simple stones, that can be a great asset in looking stylish. Be warned, however, that many men may prefer earrings that can be taken on and off in a hurry.


A piece of jewelry that most people seem to think is only limited to politicians in Washington, a good lapel is a piece of jewelry mist people won’t expect. And while many lapel pins can have childish or silly designs, the right one, depicting one’s religion or creed, can complete a man’s outfit just as well as any ring or necklace. This is one of the best jewelry pieces for him.

Jewelry Pieces For Him To Complete Any Outfit

There are many ways men can accentuate their outfits with jewelry. It can create a variety of effects for their outfits, making them look professional to stylish. Are there any other jewelry pieces for him that you think can work wonders for a man’s outfit? Let us know about them below!
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