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Men’s Fashion, 10 Tips and Tricks for Getting Started On A New Look – Men’s Fashion

No one has the right to tell you what to wear, but if you’re looking for some tips and tricks to getting into men’s fashion, you’ve come to the right place.

1) Mentality

The first part of any lifestyle change is getting your mind in the right place. Yeah, you may things clothes aren’t that big a deal, but if you want to get into a little more you have to think about it. clothing and what it promotes is generally a feeling of character and confidence. Men’s fashion is no different at all. all you need to do is nail down why you want to get into it. do you want to feel more confident? Do you simply think its time for a change? Figure out why you’re getting into men’s fashion first.

2) Getting An Idea

While all this thinking is going on about men’s fashion, you need to start getting a general idea of what it is you’re looking for. And the key point here is to really not care so much about what’s in or what’s stylish. Harder said than done when caring about men’s fashion all of a sudden because usually its media or what’s “in” right now for clothing that sets this need off. All you really need to do, is think about what looks good to you, how do you want yourself to look? Do you want to make an entrance everywhere or do you want to look kind of sturdy and classy? Think about the last person you thought that looked good, and ask yourself if that’s what you want to look like-regardless of if you can pull it off. 

3) Surround Yourself With The Idea

Google for this one will be the easiest way into men’s fashion. Find some celebrities you know about or watch some movies and figure out who is wearing or projecting what you want to look like in terms of clothing. Stalk those people on social media, find the outfits and styles that feel good to you and start jotting down what you’re looking for. Google the products themselves and see what they are made out of to get comfortable with it. Fill your head with men’s fashion in the world and then make it what you want yourself to be.

4) Clean House

Once you have your ideal thought of men’s fashion for you, its time to do some spring cleaning. Stop wearing those blown out baggy jackets/hoodies-while comfy, they aren’t doing you any justice. It’s comfy and it tends to hide your body. The keyword in men’s fashion is fashion, you don’t have to be obnoxiously noticeable, but you are trying to look good right? People have to see you. You can keep whatever you want out of your clothes, but stop making them your go-to, if they are really baggy or getting kind of worn down.

5) Browse Your Options

Men’s fashion can be pricey-don’t freak out! Anything can be pricey, the goal with this tip is to play around with what you’re comfortable paying and wearing on a semi-daily pattern. even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, that almost makes your job easier. Get to those thrift stores or pawn shops, sometimes that’s where you’re going to find really unique and “you” items that still look good. Now yeah, maybe don’t pull out the neon 80’s glittery disco pants-but find yourself that item that has some character because it’s been worn a little if you end up there. Otherwise, if you do have money to put towards your men’s fashion experience, find the brand that speaks to you, there are tons nowadays.

Top 10 Tips And tricks For Getting Into Men's fashion

6) Quality Over Quantity

Taking into account your mindset and budget will really help with this men’s fashion tip. The goal is not to buy an entire wardrobe, but enough pieces that can mix and match and go together with a handful of times throughout the week. And given that you are going to be wearing things interchangeable-they need to be versatile and reasonably durable. So don’t worry about having a ton of options and crazy amounts of accessories. You’re great as is, we’re just touching on a little men’s fashion to keep yah tuned up.

7) Timeless Items

There,s a reason these two tips are next to each other in this list for men’s fashions tips. I mentioned clothing items being reasonable durable and versatile in the last tip. Alongside that, these items should be timeless-now I’m not saying they should last forever. Things get worn down it happens, I’m talking about items that make you look good without being so unique that they fall out of style. Again those 80’s glitter pants-for one night might be awe-inspiring, but it probably won’t last. Get some nice neutral color clothing that’s basic but again, brings out you. 

Top 10 Tips And tricks For Getting Into Men's fashion

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8) Don’t Worry About Trends

Again, men’s fashion and fashion in general literally changes daily to weekly with what’s the new fad item. Forget about all of this. If you try and keep up with what’s “in” like I said, you will go absolutely nuts. Plus, its really quite a confidence boost when all these fashion trends are changing and you get to look it the mirror and say “damn, I’m just doing me, and I look good”. Let everyone else squabble about who is doing what and who wears what best. you’re better than that when it comes to men’s fashion.

Top 10 Tips And tricks For Getting Into Men's fashion

9) Get The Fit!

Tying in with men’s fashion tip number four above. I mentioned not wearing those baggy jackets and hoodies. This should be your mentality for everything really. things can fit you well and still be comfortable on your body. Now obviously a lot of wearing baggy items comes from body insecurity. Been there myself, the key though is to change up the mentality. Getting something that you personally have fitted or at least finding that brand and size that fits you that well-is so empowering. No matter who says how you have to look to be in men’s fashion-its wrong. Now for catwalk shows and the like-just let them be. That’s their thing, this is talking about your thing. Get something that fits you well and isn’t baggy, shows yourself off and know that is what you’re doing. If you can do that you have men’s fashion confidence.

Top 10 Tips And tricks For Getting Into Men's fashion

10) Keep It Simple

Again, a lot of reoccurring comments in here. But my round off tip for getting into men’s fashion is to keep it simple. If you go all out and wear something super colorful and vibrant you’re asking for a lot of attention and judgment. Which if you want it, you can do it. But this is about finding those colors and looks that amplify yourself. Not proving to everyone else that you can wear what is deemed acceptable or good looking in men’s fashion to them. Blacks, greys, browns, certain dull blues-solid colors with no graphic designs-small brand logos acceptable. Instead of matching some idea of men’s fashion, let men’s fashion work for you, and show off things like your hair/eye color. Your unique body build. I firmly believe everyone has something about their body that stands out in a good way. Maybe its jawline, shoulder, forearms, eye color, how your skin looks, height, shortness, make you the thing to show off-just let your clothes help you.

Let me know in the comments below if this helped, or brands/articles of clothing that you found work for you. I love hearing about stuff found at thrift stores or hidden clothes from a while ago.

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