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Men’s Fashion Tips & Tricks For 2021 – Men’s Fashion

2021 is the start of a new decade–a decade only a few months away. Considering this, it is paramount to establish ground rules for what the next ten years should look like in the fashion world. While the saying “out with the old and in with the new” seems fitting for the category, fashion in the new decade is also about reframing and revisiting. Especially when it comes to men’s fashion. Looks that are classic and helpful, whilst being current and avant-garde are key ways to navigate a healthy wardrobe for men in the 2020s. In fact, here are some 2021 men’s fashion tips and tricks to check out!

Think of fashion as gender-neutral 

Fashion is about limitlessness, which is why it’s important to remind yourself that fashion isn’t a gendered experience. Instead, think of fashion as gender-neutral. You want clothing and accessories to scream you by wearing them in your own unique way. Luckily, there are many gender-inclusive brands and styles to be worn today; however, always keep in mind that men’s fashion is what you make it with your security in knowing the masculine touch you’ll give an ensemble. Experiment with all types of items without thinking about the traditional binary categories of “man” and “woman”. 

Own a pair of dark wash/black jeans 

Dark wash or black jeans are extremely versatile and pretty much look fantastic on any guy. They do a great job of taking care of any insecurity you have with your legs–whether skinny or thick–by hiding any problem areas. These jeans are also phenomenal pants to wear with casual or formal outfits you have in mind. The deeper color does wonders and they are super convenient when you don’t know what bottoms to go for. 

Men’s Fashion Tips & Tricks For 2021

Get your clothes tailored

While belts are made to hold your pants up, let’s make them just an accessory in 2021. If you have the means to do so, try getting clothes tailored in the upcoming decade. Tailoring your clothes resolves the specific issues you have with certain items, making them the right and exact fit you need them to be. This is especially true for suits, in which you will look incredible wearing a cheaper suit that’s tailored to fit your body type than a more expensive one that doesn’t feel right. This is a men’s fashion tip worth trying!

Men’s Fashion Tips & Tricks For 2021


The monochrome look is expected to be in vogue in the 2020s and it’s a look that comes with many benefits. The committed choice of wearing a singular color can be daunting, but doing so means looking put together and even taller. This is a refined look that adds height, receiving more praise than jeers. If you want a bolder and more elevated look–figuratively and literally–then monochrome! It might be your aesthetic. 

Men’s Fashion Tips & Tricks For 2021

Examine fashion’s “20-Year Rule”

The “20-Year Rule” in fashion states that what’s trending at the moment will also be popular 20 years from now. Roughly, that is. Considering this, the 20oos and even 80s fashion (which was 20 years from the 2000s) will be making a resurgence in the 2020s. This means a lot for men’s fashion. From broad-shouldered suits to jeantastic clothing, remnants of styles seen 20 and 40 years ago will be making an appearance. Studying this rule will help you have an idea of 2020 fashion and predictions of what will make a comeback.

Men’s Fashion Tips & Tricks For 2021

Make sure you have quality bags in your wardrobe

Whether it’s luggage, fanny packs, or shoulder bags, it is fashionable and useful to have a variety of quality bags in your wardrobe. Everyone needs a place to keep their clothes, chapstick, wallet, phone, and other items in, and men’s fashion calls for bags that keep things safe and also keeps things interesting. Own classic leather bags, name-brand bags, eye-catching fabric bags, etc. This will instantly make you look stylish and step up your look. 

Men’s Fashion Tips & Tricks For 2021

Own a bomber jacket

When it comes to bomber jackets, there are so many styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from. Most importantly, a good bomber jacket keeps you warm and looking incredible at the same time. They are the perfect transitional jacket to wear from spring to summer and fall to winter for men who don’t like long coats and like to keep things simple. The possibilities are endless with this item and are a highlight in men’s fashion. 

Men’s Fashion Tips & Tricks For 2021

Incorporate more leather into your style

While most men claim to wear leather or have worn leather before, it should be indisputable that leather is not worn enough and in different ways. You can wear leather gloves, leather jackets, leather pants, leather shoes, etc. Leather is the wine of clothing fabrics: it’s sexy and gets better with age. You can own leather items for a lifetime without it getting worn out. The breathable material is perfect for any season and gives you a sophisticated and edgy look. Anything leather is worth it, so don’t sleep on it!

Men’s Fashion Tips & Tricks For 2021

Dress up like you’re going to a fashionable event 

Whether you’re going for a casual or formal look, make sure dressing up is a fashionable event. If you’re going for a casual look, commit to it by picking out the right pieces that go together. There is no reason why you can’t be comfortable and look stylish, so boost your confidence by making outfits an event. Define and cultivate your look by having fun and having a goal. Emphasize the “fashion” in men’s fashion. 

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Men’s Fashion Tips & Tricks For 2021

Own a trench coat

Just like bomber jackets, trench coats are transitional outerwear made to be fashion statements and come in a plethora of styles. Trench coats keep you dry during rainy weather and also work as windbreakers when it’s slightly chilly out. With varying lengths and buttons, a great trench coat gives you an on-the-go look, fearless to any wind or rain whilst look good.  

Men’s Fashion Tips & Tricks For 2021

Remember: white and black tees are must-have staples 

Men’s fashion always calls for must-have staples, in which white and black tees have been a main clothing item worn by men for years now. White and black complement every color you can think of, so owning a white and/or black T-shirt are convenient when you need to find a simple solution to matching problems. T-shirts are also handy when you simply need to wear something underneath blazers or jackets and can be really elegant depending on the style of the T-shirt. The pairing of these items is endless. 

Men’s Fashion Tips & Tricks For 2021

Accessorize with quality watches 

Investing in a quality watch can transform an entire outfit right before your eyes. Quality watches not only provide the portability of time but they also are fashionable with the incredible craftsmanship and work put into them. Wearing one makes you look reliable and associated with classiness. They are a great accessory for men and starting a collection of watches allows a variety to choose from in the future. 

Men’s Fashion Tips & Tricks For 2021

Don’t be afraid to take fashion risks

A huge aspect of fashion is to experiment and take fashion risks. Men’s fashion is always evolving and pushes the boundaries of what society thinks of masculinity. Making mistakes and stepping out of your comfort zone is a given, so don’t be afraid to do so. Mix and match, try something new, find yourself, and be unapologetic. Without risks, there would be no fashion. 

Men’s Fashion Tips & Tricks For 2021

These are just some tips and tricks for men to consider as we enter the new decade. What do you like about this list? What would you add? Tell us in the comments below!

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