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You are going to want your hair short for Summer to attract the perfect girl or guy, look your best and pull off the right image. A haircut is vital to a man’s game, you want to look sharp and intelligent. Go to a good barber and once you’re there make sure to know what you want or you’ll be in deep shit. A bad haircut is equivalent to a hangout, you don’t want it and it lingers around with you for a bit, the bad part is that a bad haircut lasts longer than your classic hangover. This can be remedied by knowing what looks good on you by what you think and what other people like. Figure this out then find out 8 Men’s haircuts to get you looking your best for the heatwave. With these haircuts at your disposal, you are sure to slay.

1. High and tight fade

Military style, awesome and sexy. The high tight fade displays the shape of your head and gives you the fullest expression of your face, get a taper to really showcase your looks. Make sure to visit and experienced barber or you will look atypical in the Summer rush. The worst cut you can get is a short cut because if the barber messes up you are not growing hair back anytime soon. This haircut will keep you from trapping heat from the sun and cool you off along with looking fucking cool. The military look is always a go-to in your plethora of awesome haircuts. Get this cut and never be displeased. Unless the barber fucks you up. This is worn by your Dwayne Johnson kinda guy. This is a high valued haircut in this men’s haircuts.

2. Short slicked back hair

Aight suave, go ahead and have 2-4 inches and slick it back. This is super clean and you give off the vibe as if you were super together even if you’re a complete alcoholic, this hair will save you for the Summer, looking cool and staying cool is a must and this will do the trick. One is always attracted to this clean look. It gives off an aura of patience, “I took the time to put my hair this way, so enjoy it.” Not only does it give off a well-groomed look, but it also can be worn with classy attire to further drive your image. Put on what you think a golfer would wear and you are on point. Use this style at your advantage. This is worn by your  Tom Green kinda guy. I know, I know, Spiderman.

3.  Short spiked hair

A vibe since the ’90s this style continues to hold its awesome look. You know the Back Street Boys? They are still cool, right? Okay maybe they are not but you will be once you bring back this style. Get a haircut with some length on top with the sides short then throw some clay or gel in it and make it messy! You will come out with the short spiked hair Men’s Haircuts number three. The length is as much as the slick back hair, our number 2 spot, but instead of throwing it back, push it up and in every direction. This look gives you an edgy feel. You’re a badass. You don’t give a hell where your hair goes but your audience is going to love it. So do this and play the part. This is worn by your Lance Bass kinda guy. Goodie bad-boy vibe.

4. Short Side Part Haircuts

Formal and classy look, all guys look rather appealing with this style. It gives off a pretentious vibe and gives a put together outlook to you. It is difficult to maintain but do it to show off your intelligent side. Edge that hardline into the side of your head to show further style. This look is worn by your Justin Timberlake kinda guy. Short on the sides and about the same length, 2-4 inches to push the part look you’re aiming for.

Part over look for men?

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5. Short Faux Hawk Hairstyle

This is still a solid short hair look. It is not the full-on hawk but a miniature version of it. You don’t want the full hawk anyway. Cut your hair with the same length as the numbers listed above, 2-4 inches, then push it together in the middle of your head. You will display the faux hawk! This is typical badassery at its finest. By rocking this you will give off the image of a rock star. So act like one. This vibe will provide you with a ton of attractive power. This look is worn by the M. Shadows type of guy. Keep the sides short and the top average to fully express this look.

What you should use for a summer haircut?

You need to look cool and stay cool for the Summer. This duel blade of coolness can be achieved through the use of these haircuts mentioned above. A major factor in any man’s look is men’s haircuts. This is vital to your survival as a male in the Summer. The heat is going to be extremely terrible if you have long and bushy hair. Get it short and thinned out.

You will have plenty of attractive power with these awesome cuts. Go military with the high and tight fade to experience a sexy look. Go slick back to experience a put-together look. Go short spiked hair for an edgy feel. Go side part haircut for a pretentious vibe and last but certainly not least, go faux hawk look for a rocker vibe. With these in your arsenal, you will feel like a champ and look the part. Do not let these looks pas you by for the Summer.

Look cool and be cool. Slay the competition at a bar or event, you won’t even have to say a word, she or he will walk right up to you because of your new advanced haircut. With this knowledge, you’re going in the right direction with men’s haircuts

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