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Summer beach days will be here so soon, which means you need the perfect men’s sandals. Shoes can be tricky to find, especially when you want some that can be worn all of the time with style and comfort. The best men’s sandals for a day at the beach need to be comfortable, durable, and able to withstand sand and some water. Here is a list of recommendations for the best men’s sandals meant for a day at the beach.

1. Seaside Leather Flip Flop

These Ugg brand Seaside Leather Flip Flops are great for the beach. The Ugg brand isn’t just known for its boots! A lot of men’s sandals are pretty similar, but Ugg is a trusted brand for quality assurance. They are $80, which may seem like a lot for a sandal, but if you spend a lot of time at the beach, it is totally worth the investment. A lot of sandals are around this price if you are looking for some that work for beach days. These shoes come in this brown color as pictured below, as well as black. The sandals have a lightweight sole for all-day movement, which is crucial for a day spent at the beach. The reviews also mention how comfortable these are, which is a huge factor in purchasing a new pair of men’s sandals.

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2. Arizona Slide Sandals

Ah, the classic Birkenstock men’s sandals. I absolutely love Birkenstocks sandals, as they are made for both men and women. The best part about these shoes is how comfortable they are. Since the straps fall over the top of your feet rather than a toe strap, I have always found them extremely comfortable. They are super easy to walk in, especially along the sand on a beach day. I have gotten them wet too, but I wouldn’t recommend it as the coloring on the base of the shoe can rub off on your feet. It comes off though, so not a huge deal! The shoes below are from DSW for only $99.99, which is pretty reasonable for such a well-known brand of shoes. The color below is seen in Mocha, which is a very popular color. Definitely give these men’s sandals a shot for your upcoming beach season!

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Men’s Sandals Meant For A Day At The Beach

3. Taheeti Sandals

These Tommy Bahama men’s sandals are SO stylish and ON SALE! Get the look below to get these posh sandals for only $29.99 directly from the Tommy Bahama website. Tommy Bahama is such a well-trusted beachy brand, that you already know these men’s sandals are perfect for a day at the beach. They come in three colors, brown, black, and turbulence, which is a blue and white strap with a black base. The website mentions that these Taheeti sandals have rubber soles with great traction, which makes them awesome for trekking through sand.

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*Men’s Sandals Meant For A Day At The Beach

4. Rainbow Men’s Single Layer Leather Sandal

Rainbow sandals are another well-trusted brand not only for men’s sandals but women’s as well. Rainbows were one of the first pairs of beach sandals I have owned, for they are so comfortable and also super stylish. These shoes are perfect for the beach. They are leather sandals with a single-layer arch providing maximum comfort. On the website below, they are available for only $53.95. The reviews also say very positive things about these shoes, mentioning how comfortable and durable they are. I definitely recommend these men’s sandals for a day at the beach, as they can get you through sand and water with no problems.

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Men’s Sandals Meant For A Day At The Beach

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5. Reef Draftsmen

Reef men’s sandals are another extremely popular brand of sandals meant for the beach, for they are very comfortable and durable. These specific sandals are available on the Reef website for $65, and they come in three different colors: espresso, chocolate, and bronze brown as shown below. These sandals have an arch to them to provide comfort no matter what activity you are doing. One of the coolest aspects of these shoes is the fact that they have a built-in BOTTLE OPENER on the bottom of the shoe. Like, how cool is that?! Not a lot of other shoe brands do something that innovative, and that in itself is definitely a deal-breaker for a lot of men looking for new sandals. Reef also says they are environmentally friendly, for the shoe was crafted without the use of PVC. Another important aspect mentioned on the website about the show is that they are durable and have a rubber sole, making it easy to get through the sand in the summer I definitely recommend these men’s sandals for some summer beach days.

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Men’s Sandals Meant For A Day At The Beach

6. Men’s Z/1 Classic Chaco Sandal

These men’s sandals are not as stylish as the rest, but I had to throw them in there as they are some of the most popular men’s sandals solely for how comfortable and durable they are. If you are going for a day at the beach and want to walk along the sand and water without the fear of losing your shoes, these Chaco sandals are perfect for you. These are the classic Chaco’s, and they are available on their website for $95. They come in four different patterns/colors with varying sizes and they have a wide foot option if needed. Chaco sandals have been around since 1989, and I definitely recommend them to every man to wear on the beach at least once. They truly do go a long way, for they are durable and some of the most comfortable men’s sandals out there.

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Men’s Sandals Meant For A Day At The Beach

Men’s sandals are always popular- but making sure you have the best ones for a day at the beach is so important. Stylish and comfortable- it can be hard to find. But once you do, it’s totally worth the investment. What are your favorite men’s sandals? Let us know in the comments below!

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