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Sexy Suits For Men To Wear On A Romantic Date With Their Girlfriend – Men’s Fashion

Date night with your girlfriend is around the corner, and you want to make sure that it’ll be a night that she’ll never forget. Finding the perfect restaurant with perfect food is one thing, but your presentation is quite another. Become a sight for sore eyes in your girlfriend’s eyes by wearing an attractive suit that will catch and keep her attention. Gentleman, check out this list of sexy suits that’ll have your girlfriend fall head over heels for you!

Stafford Executive Classic Fit Suit Jacket

Look swank and simple for date night with this Stafford executive fit suit jacket. The fabric is 100% wool with woven material and polyester lining to make any man feel most comfortable for a long period of time. The suit is grey and has a classic fit for the wearer to be able to move around in without much difficulty and also comes with multiple pockets which can be great for keeping any sort of jewelry you may want to give her as a gift, or maybe even an engagement ring! Slap this suit on with a white-collared shirt and a navy tie to get the best look from head to toe. This suit is what’s best to wear for a man who’s looking for something simplistic but classy all in one.

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JF J.Ferrar Formal Stretch Teal Slim Fit Sport Coat

Look slim and trim in a dark and sexy suit that will leave your girlfriend with goo-goo eyes with this JF J. Ferrar sport coat! The material is made out of three fabrics that include polyester, rayon, and spandex that provides stretch material for the wearer to move around in without being stiff while comfortable. It’s single-breasted with three exterior pockets and two interior pockets and comes in a dark teal to kind of provide some sort of mystery, which would say something about the wearer. This suit would look great with a red-collared shirt along with some black pants, black tie, and black dress shoes to give mystery in a sexy and provocative way. This suit would be excellent to sport on any date night to leave your girlfriend with nothing but a positive impression!

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*Sexy Suits For Men To Wear On A Romantic Date With Their Girlfriend

JF J.Ferrar – Slim Evening Edition Mens Sport Coat

Set a mellow tone with this evening edition sports coat from JF J. Ferrar. The material of this suit is similar to the stretch sport suit from Ferrar but the material of rayon is replaced with wool, providing a softer fabric for the wearer to be more comfortable in. The fit of the suit is regular with numerous pockets that include a chest zip pocket for a little bit of a stylish effect. The color is burgundy which would accent greatly with a black collared shirt, black dress pants, and a black-tie, creating the perfect combination of something sexy but with a dark fashion twist. Wow your date with this astounding suit for your next night together!

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*Sexy Suits For Men To Wear On A Romantic Date With Their Girlfriend

Kenneth Cole’s Men’s Ready Flex Solid Black Slim-Fit Suit

Go back to the classic look of a suit but still sport something stylish with Kenneth Cole’s ready flex solid black slim-fit suit. The suit is all black and is designed with stretch fabric material to provide increased mobility with a wide range of motion with the best comfort. It’s slim-fit throughout the entire body so that the wearer can be able to feel their best with its polyester, lycra, and viscose blend of material. Pull off a classic look with a white-collared shirt and a black tie with some fancy black dress shoes to leave your girlfriend astounded at your appearance. This is one of the most attractive suits that any man would look excellent in wearing to please their girlfriend for the steamy night that awaits them.

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*Sexy Suits For Men To Wear On A Romantic Date With Their Girlfriend

Collection by Michael Strahan Mens Classic Fit Sport Coat

Wear something chic and fashion-forward on date night with your girlfriend with this classic fit sport coat straight from Michael Strahan’s collection. The suit is single-breasted with a stretch fabric material designed out of polyester, rayon, and lycra spandex and a classic fit to make the wearer feel comfortable. It’s a classic navy blue that’s perfect for complementing the wearer’s look with a white-collared shirt and some black dress pants so you can look amazing wherever you go. Whether you’re about to hit the town to an Italian restaurant or about to feast on a remarkable steak dinner, this suit will be one that your girlfriend won’t be able to take her eyes off of.

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*Sexy Suits For Men To Wear On A Romantic Date With Their Girlfriend

JF J.Ferrar Slim Fit Stretch Tuxedo Jacket

Wear a suit that brings out your inner sexy and look sophisticated at the same time with J. Ferrar’s slim-fit stretch tuxedo jacket. The tux is a slim-fit with yarn-dyed woven fabric and a stretch material. The fabric content is made of polyester, rayon, spandex, and metallic to create its design for its color of a gray sparkle, which is perfect for catching the look of your girlfriend once she sees how attractive and classy you look. A tuxedo is a great fit to make any man look presentable and luxurious on date night, especially to help set the tone and mood for a night filled with memories you’ll want to create with your girlfriend. 

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Sexy Suits For Men To Wear On A Romantic Date With Their Girlfriend

Your date night can be sparked in a lot of ways, and it all starts with how you dress. All suits are fit for a king. You just have to know the right ones to have. Show off your taste of fashion and style by wearing any one of these ravishing and sexy suits to keep your girlfriend’s full and undivided attention all night long!

Which one of these sexy suits would you wear for a romantic date night with your girlfriend? Do you know of any others that would be a great fit as well? If so, please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below!

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