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Unfortunately, $100 isn’t a lot when it comes to spending money on a watch. Thankfully for us, watch manufacturers have emerged with not only professional looking watches, but affordable ones. With any of these 8 picks, you won’t experience the pains of spending a lot to look sharp. Scroll to #8 for my favorite.

1. Metropolitan by Timex

I’ve placed the Metropolitan at the top of the list because it will give you everything you need, for a fair price. The textured face gives off a classy vibe, and the ticks on ten numbers will reflect your young age. A classic leather strap will finish off the touch for a beautifully affordable $53.

2. Classic White Black by MVMT

The Classic White Black for $95 offers you a large face with the only numbers being the date of the month. The leather strap is not a shiny one, but you will get your bright colors from the white face and the shine of the silver number ticks on the watch face. Get 10% off when you sign up for emails from MVMT.

Sharp Men's Watches Under $100

3. Southview by Timex

The Southview for $65 offers more shine than the MVMT watch seen above, for $30 less. The Roman numerals exude experience more than youth, which is never a bad thing in the working world. 

Sharp Men's Watches Under $100

4. Belmar Three-Hand Date, Black Silicone by Fossil

The Belmar Three-Hand Date for $95, with the black silicone strap is one of my favorites this list. Talk about comfort in the silicone, class in the number ticks and functionality with a numerical date available as well. Keep this watch on after work when you go on your run, and keep it in the shower on your fast mornings, all because of the functional silicone band. Fossil also offers free engraving the watch.

Sharp Men's Watches Under $100

5. Winston Royale Gold White by Komono

The Winston Royale Gold White for $99 is for the guys who want the shine. The metallic gold wristband will keep you up to date, and Komono’s calling card of a slightly off-center gear will have people double-taking when they glance down at your wrist.

Sharp Men's Watches Under $100

6. Classique by Stuhrling

What stands out most for the Classique by Stuhrling is the several textures of the watch face. The large numbers will help you get your bearings if you are not used to an analog watch, and they match the polished steel frame beautifully. The name of the watch pairs well with its style and how it will look on your wrist: classic.

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Sharp Men's Watches Under $100

7. Suede Wrist Watch by Akribos XXIV

Looking for something to pair nicely with a lighter pair of pants, or perhaps a summer watch?Don’t discount the Suede Wrist Watch because of it’s band. You’d be surprised how well it pairs with your khakis as well. It is also available in brown leather for $33 on 

Sharp Men's Watches Under $100

8. Aria 769 by Stuhrling

I do not know where to begin. It is the subtle touch of a polished fluted onion style crown (the gear) that makes me love the Aria 769 for $90. Next, the watch boasts geometric edges to connect to a beautiful alligator embossed leather strap, that contrasts the most unique part of this watch: the rounded day marker. The Aria 769 is brilliant in its black and brown leather version. For only $90, you will have paid much less than what everyone around you supposes.

Sharp Men's Watches Under $100

Thinking of investing in yourself? Let us know below, or drop a caret (^) if you’re impressed by these sharp watches for us guys, under $100. Feel free to reach out to me via twitter or insta for personal styling advice.

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