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For the guys out there wanting to stay on the peak of fashion, you should pay close attention to this guide for the best men’s jeans styles.  Jeans are an essential element for fashion, so don’t keep yourself out of the loop and learn the essential styles for your denim needs.  Never worry about looking your best after you get the best jeans for you, thanks to these helpful tips and important styles.

1) Loose Fit

Of all the men’s jeans styles, loose jeans are just about the most breathable option you’ll find.  Also known as baggy jeans, these are comfortable and easy to wear, especially for long periods of time.  They tend to be loose around the thighs and seat, so you can feel comfortable and not worry about sweat.  These jeans also tend to rest below the waist, naturally.  These jeans are the best fit for those with wider waist sizes and larger body sizes, but are a relaxing choice for anyone.  These won’t be your classier choice for jeans, but they’re great for regular, day-to-day activity and work well in all seasons.

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2) Slim Fit

Slim fit jeans are essentially a combination of loose fit and skinny fit jeans, taking the best aspects of both.  They are more form fitting than loose jeans, showing off your leg shape while still leaving some space around the thighs.  These are good choices for the more casual social outings– they’re breathable and comfortable, but can still show off your legs.

The Best Men’s Jeans Styles To Elevate Every Look

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The Best Men’s Jeans Styles To Elevate Every Look

3) Regular Fit

Regular fit jeans are just that: jeans made for the most nuetral of body types.  Another, perhaps more fitting, name for them is straight fit jeans.  While certainly anyone can wear these jeans, they work best for those who straddle the line between larger and skinny.  These jeans just go straight up and down, no tapering around the legs or angles of any kind.  These tend to be a more basic option, good for a lot of different situations without excelling in any one in particular.  It’s nice to have a pair or two of regular fit jeans just as backup or for casual occasions.

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The Best Men’s Jeans Styles To Elevate Every Look

4) Skinny Fit

Skinny jeans are definitely one of the more stylish options of men’s jeans styles that you’ll find, especially in our current times.  Darker colors of skinny jeans can even be considered a respectable, classy option.  Not black-tie classy, but a good fit for some formal situations.  These jeans are skinny through and through, from their waist all the way to their ankles.  These jeans can be more uncomfortable, especially for those with larger frames.  They tend to work best for skinny people.  You probably won’t enjoy wearing them around all day or doing an excersize in them, so these are best for parties or social gatherings. 

The Best Men’s Jeans Styles To Elevate Every Look

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The Best Men’s Jeans Styles To Elevate Every Look

5) Tapered Fit

Tapered fits are another men’s jeans style popular in the modern age.  Tapered simply means that they tend to be more baggy around the butt, while having skinnier ankles.  They are certainly similar to slim fit jeans, but these are a little more neutral overall than slim fit.  Their ankles are a little more loose, while their waist is a little more narrow.  These jeans are good choice for larger body types looking for a skinnier option.

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The Best Men’s Jeans Styles To Elevate Every Look

6) Narrow Fit

Narrow fit jeans mostly mean that from the knee down, they are a tighter fit.  They have a variety of waist sizes, anywhere from skinny to baggy sized, making them a variable option.  They tend to be the best skinny option for those with big frames and large waists.  They tend to hug the body closely overall, similar to skinny jeans.  The main difference between narrow fit and skinny fit is that narrow fit is more accomodating to different body sizes.  Another stylish choice for formal occasions.

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The Best Men’s Jeans Styles To Elevate Every Look

7) Relaxed Fit

Relaxed fit jeans are similar to loose fit, but their waist is designed to stay up around the natural waistline.  Otherwise, they are loose and made with your comfort in mind.  This men’s jeans styles are perfect for lounging around the house, running errands, or other menial work where your comfort is the highest priority.  Relaxed fit jeans tend to be more full around the thights, waist, and seat.  It is comfortable without being baggy.

The Best Men’s Jeans Styles To Elevate Every Look

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The Best Men’s Jeans Styles To Elevate Every Look

8) Low Rise

Low rise is the term used to describe where the waistline of your jeans naturally rests.  Most of the prior jean categories can have different rises, whether that be low, medium, or higher.  Low rise jeans rest below your waist, lending themselves more to a baggy look.  Having low rise jeans is definitely one of the trendiest jean options you can find right now, making low rise jeans good for showing off and social occasions where you want to look your best.  Probably not the best choice for excersize, but having a few pairs for parties is always a good idea.

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The Best Men’s Jeans Styles To Elevate Every Look

9) Mid Rise

A more nuetral choice among men’s jeans styles, mid rise jeans have their waist naturally meet your own, making them the more comfortable choice of jean rise.  They have a solid balance between looking good while being study on your waist.  They aren’t likely to slip or fall down.  While low rise jeans tend to aim for fashion, mid rise comprimises between form and function.  When searching for jeans, be sure you look carefully for their rise, since they are easily interchangable without a lot of visual difference.

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The Best Men’s Jeans Styles To Elevate Every Look

10) Bootcut

Bootcut jeans are a unique style, since they have specifically designed ankles that are wider than the knees.  You might think of these as a more subtle version of bell-bottoms.  As their name implies, these jeans have a wider ankle so they can be worn in junction with boots.  These jeans can have a variety of rises and fits, but you probably won’t find any in skinny or narrow form.  Since they’re meant to go along with boots, these jeans are a good choice for boot enviroments, whether that be outdoor work or a social event.  These jeans are variable and dependable enough for them all.

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The Best Men’s Jeans Styles To Elevate Every Look

This has been our guide to men’s jeans styles!  Which style of jeans are your favorite?  Let us know in the comments!

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