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Alright gents, pay attention because you’re about to get the 411 on the newest suit trend: the lapel pin. Let’s be real, when you put on a suit you want to look fly as fuck. You’ve already been introduced to the skinny tie, cuff-links, the handkerchief, the pocket square and for those ambitious fashionistas, a cane. While those are all good and well, taking a simple suit from nice to dapper, the lapel pin is spreading like wildfire.

Try as you might but you’ve all admired Harry Styles, Alexander Skarsguard and Anthony Anderson in a suit. If you recently watched the 2017 Emmy Awards, you may have noticed these studs (minus Harry Styles) rocking old Hollywood lapel pins. These Emmy winners were the best dressed attendees and it’s no surprise. Even GQ said so. If you don’t think it’s because of the lapel pin, let me prove just how wrong you are.

Let’s take it back to the 2016 Met Gala, you know, the one fashion event of the year solely dependent upon looking fly as fuck. The accessory every studly man rocked with his suit: the lapel pin. You’re welcome. Let’s take a look at some of the best dressed lapel pin rocking attendees shall we?

Idris Elba

C’mon, if he isn’t cast as the next James Bond, we’re gonna have a problem. James Bond would be very proud of him rocking a white flower lapel pin! Dapper as fuck.

Image result for Idris Elba met gala 2017

Nick Jonas

You all know he’s one of the best dressed guys out there right? If you don’t take notes. This octagonal art deco piece makes for a very nice lapel pin, no?

Image result for nick jonas met gala 2016

Alex Skarsgard

Again, this is looking nice. Can’t dislike a simple nail lapel pin. Looking polished as always sir! Ben Stiller, obviously you don’t look as polished as Skarsgard; you’re missing a the lapel pin… and your hair looks a bit messy.

Image result for alex skarsgard met gala 2016


Okay, Common is always someone who shows up to an event looking outstanding! Of course the fiery dragon is hot.

Image result for common met gala 2016

Douglas Booth

A golden scroll lapel pin? I’m for it.

Image result for douglas booth met gala 2016 outfit

See Also

Still not believing me when I say the lapel pin is the best suit accessory ever after having showed you the most studly men rocking them? I know you’d have a hard time saying Brad Pitt wasn’t a complete bad-ass in the movie Inglourious Basterds. Right? After all, what gets better than a team of Jewish soldiers retaliating against the Nazis? Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s exhibit Pitt’s most well-dressed moment in that movie.

Image result for inglorious bastards brad pitt white tux

Glad we’ve cleared the air and are now on the same page. By the way did you ever notice this…? (That’s James Bond in case you didn’t know).

Image result for celebrities wearing lapel pinYou know who rarely wears a pin?

Image result for donald trump suit

That is all! If you need ideas on how to rock one, here’s your savior!

Let us know what you think about the lapel pin?! Would you wear one? Drop us a line! Make sure to you’re well groomed if you’re trying to pull this look off.
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