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There was awhile when I wanted apps for everything. Games, photo editing, looking at the stars, whatever. It was just exciting to see what phones could do. But these days, I’m over all the clutter. I have social media, music, and then maybe 10 superfluous others I only use every once in awhile. Well, fashion apps like these are changing that. If you’re a person who thinks a lot about shopping, getting deals, deciding what to wear, finding out the latest trends, then these fashion apps aren’t going to feel like clutter at all. They’re going to feel like your life just got a lot easier. Look through these 10 fashion apps to find out which ones fit all your style needs, and give them a try. You need some up-to-date fashion apps to keep up with your demanding, fast-paced, yet ever fashionable lifestyle.

1. ClosetSpace

Can I just tell you how much easier my life has become since I cataloged my entire closet online? Anytime I want I can see every item of clothing I own by just opening up this app. It’s no Cher Horowitz’s closet, but I can plan outfits out when I’m not at home and I can decide what top to wear with an outfit, without having to destroy my nicely organized closet in search of what I own. The is one of the fashion apps that also allows you to browse looks, save outfits, and even plan out what you want to wear on your calendar. Others will push the Stylebook app, and I’ll agree that it’s super cool with the same features of ClosetSpace and more in a possibly sleeker design, but Stylebook costs money, and you can basically do anything you’d do on there with ClosetSpace too.

2. Tailor

Imagine you could have a personal shopping assistant. Well that’s basically what Tailor is here for. It offers you the ability to have a stylist give you fashion advice when shopping online and you can do that online shopping right within the app. From tons of different shops all your picks go in one cart. If you want to see what you can do with the clothes you’ve already got, you can upload your closet here too and the stylists can help you figure out how to pair up your items for fun and fresh outfits. There’s someone available to regularly chat with and get helpful advice from.

Check out these trendy fashion apps!

3. Stylect

Stylect has the specific beauty of being all about shoes. Okay, well technically the app claims you can sort through bags, accessories, dresses, and shoes, but everyone else calls it the “Tinder of shoes,” which IMO sounds super promising. On the home page you can pick from a variety of categories you want to look through: from the basics like shoes and bags, to more curated finds like New York Fashion Week or whatever “Pom Poms Everywhere!” entails. Once you pick a category, you’re literally swiping just like you would on Tinder, except instead of finding maybe okay boys you’re finding amazing fashion pieces to make your heart happy.

Check out these trendy fashion apps!

4. The Hunt

This is one of the fashion apps that proclaimed itself “the cure for style envy,” and that’s something worth taking a look into. Whenever you see a pair of shoes, a hat, a shirt you really love, whatever, you snap and upload of picture of that item, which the online community then helps you track down, so you can actually buy it instead of just crying internally. The app also allows you to create polls when your shopping decisions are just too hard and your friends are being absolutely no help. Post pictures of the clothing items you’re deciding between and get hard and fast answers on which you should buy.

Check out these trendy fashion apps!

5. Poshmark

Poshmark is a buying and selling app with great reviews, 4.7 out of 5. Users have had great success selling their clothes through this app, and buyers claim that if there’s a problem, customer service is quick to help you out. Selling is quick and easy, and when you shop, you can sort by brand, item type, or the closet of a specific user to find great online, thrifty buys. All sales are final, but Poshmark has the sweet guarantee of promising to give you a full refund if an item you order never arrives or doesn’t properly match the listed description.

Check out these trendy fashion apps!

6. Lakme Makeup Pro

Lakeme is a super cool way to try out makeup colors and styles. I always wish I could actually look like those Snapchat filters that give you pretty makeup, and that’s kind of what this app allows you to do. Pick from any kind of makeup: lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, highlighters, bronzers, blushes, and more. You can see what shades may fit a certain look and find out easily if a color looks bad or washes you out. Plus when you’re done creating a masterpiece, you can save the makeup combination to look back on later.

Check out these trendy fashion apps!

7. Shopstyle

Shopstyle helps you out when you’re on the hunt for a really specific addition to your wardrobe. You can pick a category as broad as “shoes” and slowly filter it down until you’re getting listings for only black ankle booties under $100 that come in a size 9. You can also filter by designer or by whatever’s most popular at the time. If a keyword or filter doesn’t fit what you have in mind, you can search based on your own specifications rather than the ones they have available. Once you’ve found what you want, there’s a “buy now’ button to whisk you away to the item of your dreams.

Check out these trendy fashion apps!

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8. Mallzee

The Mallzee app claims to offer “150+ brands with one easy checkout,” which is pretty enticing. Rather than having to scroll through each one of your favorite shops, you can find everything in one place. They tell you what deals are currently available and what new items just popped out on the market. Similar to Stylect, Mallzee functions like a clothing Tinder, allowing you to swipe left or right on options, but it offers much wider categories. Save the brands you love, save items you might want to find later, and check out when you really have to have something now. There are a ton of capabilities in just one place.

Check out these trendy fashion apps!

9. Hair Color (by ModiFace)

We’ve all wondered what we would look like with certain hair colors, but been too afraid to take the plunge and try without knowing for certain. This app helps you solve that problem by providing realistic hair color changes to a live camera. You don’t just upload a photo to try and see. The app responds to your image the second you open your camera, identifying your hair and allowing you to change the color while you shift, and flip, and look from different angles. There are just a few hangups: the color outline isn’t always a perfect match (sometimes it bleeds onto your forehead or ears) and a lot of the dye options can’t be accessed without “unlocking” premium, aka paying.

Check out these trendy fashion apps!

10. NailSnaps

Maybe this app isn’t 100% necessary or life changing, but I think it’s fun and therefore worth checking out, especially if you love getting your nails done, but can’t always afford it. The app accesses your personal photos either via the library on your phone or your social media. You can then line up nail outlines on the picture to frame your favorite part. The app saves your creations and then let’s you purchase them to have sent to you for at-home application. It’s not a perfect design, and the reviews are mixed, but it’s a fun answer to wanting to have fancy nails for a special occasion without wanting to pay full price for a set.

Check out these trendy fashion apps!

These apps provide great ways to find style inspiration and make your life as a fashionable dude or lady much, much easier. Download what suits you and you can have stylists, stores, a community of stylish friends, and even your own closet at your fingertips no matter where you go! Whether each one will turn into something you love remains to be seen, but it’s definitely worth finding out. At least you’ll have something better to look at than Candy Crush when you’re bored. Match cute clothes instead.

Will you try out these fashion apps? Let us know in the comments section below!

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