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These Thong Boy Shorts Are The Comfiest Undies To Wear – Women’s Fashion

In recent years, Calvin Klein has been kicking it up a notch after going a bit “a-wall” since the early 2000’s. Famous faces Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Zoe Saldana and Jamie Dornan have been spotted in the sultry black-and-white billboards plastered all over SoHo and Times Square; ha to the time Kendall Jenner’s got vandalized! Anyways, when it comes to finding a comfortable pair of undies, Calvin Klein gets the gold medal. With a new take on boy shorts, Klein has invented thong boy shorts. While boy shorts are usually cute, these comfy yet sexy thong boy shorts are serious winners. Here are the thong boy shorts you need to purchase.

Seriously, they’re really cute but if you are looking for something a bit less casual, here’s some sexy lingerie that’s affordable AF.

The Customized Stretch Micro Thong

These thong boy shorts feel like silk. Legit. They are made with smooth microfiber materials which give these undies a seriously smooth feel. There is minimal rear coverage like average boy shorts and an elastic waistband. Seriously, what’s not to love about these sexy boy shorts?! They come in three colors: navy, black and white. Which is perfect because no one things pink thong boy shorts are sexy… or at least I don’t. Keep it simple babes!

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Logo Cotton Stretch Thong

If you are more of a cotton undies lover, then these cotton boy shorts are more up your alley. Plus, they have more colors: black, white, navy, grey and roseate (red). Also very cute and comfortable. They also feature the famous elastic waistband so your thong boy shorts are some serious winners. All about the comfort these days! Comfy is cute! You can buy 3 for $33; not too shabby!

Let us know what you think about Calvin’s thong boy shorts?! Own a pair? Let us know below and drop us a line!!
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