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Why Everyone Is Suddenly Obsessed With The Gucci Belt Trend

It seems that everywhere you turn lately, someone is wearing a Gucci belt? Bag? Tshirt? You name it! In recent years, it seems like the brand has been making a major comeback. Could it be the new creative director, Alessandro Michele’s obsession with sleek styles and bright colors or perhaps it is a generation’s longing for a ’90’s era revival? Here are some of the reasons why Gucci belts might suddenly be taking over.

1. We Miss the ’90’s

Remember the ’90’s when everyone would walk around in full Adidas suits and anyone who was cool at your school had a shirt emblazoned with “Puma” or “Fila” across the chest? Turns out, we miss it! Logos are definitely back in fashion. Owning a sleek black belt with two G’s as a buckle is a cute and classy way to be on trend this summer. Bring out the Gucci belts!

2. They are Versatile!

The thing about a Gucci belt is that the design is sleek and classy. You don’t really have to struggle to match an outfit with the belt. The black and gold make it possible to match to any color. That being the case, the belt is sure to add a classy touch to any outfit, no matter how dressed down or colorful it is.

3. They are Instagram-able!

In world run by social media, it helps to have items  that photograph beautifully. This belt is the epitome of pretty. The detailing of the two carefully, crafted, G’s are enough to make your camera sing. No doubt, you will be getting a ton of likes!

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Why Everyone Is Suddenly Obsessed With The Gucci Belt Trend

4. They are a Status Symbol!

Gucci has always been associated with being cool! Everyone from Beyonce to Victoria Beckham to members of the Wu-Tang Clan have rocked the label. Rocking this Gucci belt will not only make you a fashion icon, but it will give you a reputation for knowing what is cool!

Have you tried the Gucci belt trend? Let us know below.

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