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Finding women’s workout outfits that look cute and fit comfortably can be tricky. Working out can be so much more enjoyable if you’re full of style while doing so! A lot of women struggle to feel comfortable while working out because they do not feel themselves as they do so. We are here to solve that problem for all women! Look good, feel good ladies! No matter your style, we are here to help. From comfortable leggings to stretchy yoga tops, here is a breakdown of the best places to buy a women’s favorite workout outfits.

1. Leggings

It can be difficult for a woman’s workout outfit to consist a pair of leggings that fit just right. The style and shape of them can be tricky to find as all women are different and have different preferences. Some of my favorite pairs of leggings that I have found to be super comfortable AND extremely stylish are the Vital Seamless Leggings by Gymshark. They are high waisted, absorb sweat so you don’t feel gross after a workout and come in all different sizes and colors! They are also super stretchy which is perfect for any workout. The color below is Smoker Grey Marl, which is such a stylish color right now as it goes along with any top of any color. Looking for something cheaper? Try Forever 21! Forever 21 has great athletic leggings that are an extremely similar fit and comfort level to Gymshark.

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2. Tops

Finding a stylish and comfortable top is a huge part of constructing perfect women’s workout outfits. Obviously, there are so many different types of women’s tops to buy for a workout. Tank tops, short sleeved shirts and long sleeved shirts make it hard to choose which to buy. During a workout, the shirt you wear will affect how you feel. Going outside in chillier weather? Try a long sleeve dry-fit shirt. Yoga? Try a racerback tank top. When I go to the gym, whether I am running or lifting, I love a classic and comfortable short sleeve top. A go-to favorite of mine is the Momentum Camo Tee from Athlete. It is a seamless top, making it super comfortable as well as odor-eliminating! Finding tops that cancel out that gross post-workout feeling are crucial to feeling and looking your best no matter how much sweat you build up! Lululemon also sells super similar tops that has many different patterns and colors to choose from.

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Women’s Workout Outfits That Are Stylish And Comfortable

3. Jackets

I find myself always wanting, sometimes even needing, a comfortable jacket when I am going to workout, whether I am wearing it to go to the gym or to go for an outdoors workout in chilly weather. The Hooded Define Jacket from Lululemon is a keeper. Lightweight, comfortable, stretchy and coming in many stylish colors, this jacket is a definite must. They recently just added a hood and it also has pull over gloves with thumb holes. It is definitely a smart purchase to make, especially for running outdoors when there could be a bit of a breeze! Personally, I don’t like wearing thicker jackets as much unless I am going to exercise outdoors in the freezing rain or heavy snow. However, if this is more up your alley, I still recommend checking out Lululemon’s site.

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Women’s Workout Outfits That Are Stylish And Comfortable

4. Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are one of the newest women’s workout outfits fashion trends at the moment. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they are also extremely stylish. By name, they are obviously comfortable to wear while you are on a bike. I really enjoy wearing them everyday as well as when I exercise. With a cute sweatshirt and sneakers, who said a women’s workout outfit can’t be worn everyday? You can get biker shorts just about anywhere, but these Nike One Mid-Rise Shorts are a top recommendation of mine. They are great for a light workout or something more intense, such as cardio.

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Women’s Workout Outfits That Are Stylish And Comfortable

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5. Sports Bras

Finding the right sports bra is very important to have a successful workout and a huge part to a women’s workout outfit. Once you find the right size, style and comfort-level of a sports bra, you will feel better as you workout. Some of the cutest sports bras are on the Alphalete website. The image below is one of my favorite ones! Alphalete is an up and coming website that definitely deserves more hype. Be a trendsetter and shop this site! Their sports bras range from XXS to XXL. If you are a woman who prefers shopping for cup sizes in their sports bras, I recommend Victoria’s Secret for sure! They have tons of great colors and designs for all shapes and sizes.

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Women’s Workout Outfits That Are Stylish And Comfortable

6. Two piece sets

The best women’s workout outfit trend right now is a matching two piece set. Like most women’s workout outfits, you can find stylish and comfortable two piece sets just about anywhere. Shein, an online website consisting of great quality and reasonably priced clothing, has a cheap dupe that you can get for a great price. It is comfortable and super trendy. There are more official women’s workout outfit websites that also sell these types of two piece sets. Sometimes going the inexpensive route, however, can be just as good. From experience, I can confidently say that this outfit from Shein is great quality and looks even cuter in person. The image below is one of my favorite ombre sets. As mentioned above, the website Alphalete also sells super cute matching leggings for tops and sports bras. Totally worth checking it out!

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Women’s Workout Outfits That Are Stylish And Comfortable

Women’s workout outfits are so versatile and unique because there is just so much range in style and options. They can be worn quite literally anywhere- on the go, at the gym or even on a shopping spree for more athletic wear! With no boundaries to women’s fashion, athletic wear keeps becoming more and more popular. What are your go-to stylish yet comfortable workout outfits? Share your favorite trends and stores in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: https://pin.it/7BAGfsO

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